New Viking River Ships and Trips in 2018 and 2019


Take a guided tour of a Viking Longship

Welcome to a new and exciting year with Viking Cruises. They already boast the world's newest and largest river fleet. By 2019, there will be a grand total of 69 Viking ships on the rivers of the world. The new-build order includes six award-winning Viking Longships, which will sail Viking's most popular itineraries on the Rhine, Main and Danube Rivers, and one additional vessel specifically designed for Portugal's Douro River.

Cruise the rivers of Europe & Russia in 2018

Portugal's Douro River Ship

Romans and Moors, Berbers, Vandals and Visigoths. Through the times, many cultures have conquered their share of the rich Iberian Peninsula, leaving behind iconic architecture, historic sites and traditions, art and music.

Taking inspiration from the Viking Longships, the Douro ships are slightly smaller with just 106 guests. They also boast a small rooftop pool to make the most of sunnier climes.

New River Ship & New Itinerary in Egypt

Imagine the wisdom and skill of the Egyptians of ten thousand years ago and more. Hieroglyphics send us a 5,000-year-old postcard. The pyramids and the Great Sphinx, a wealth of statues, sculptures and murals are there still, mystifying modern-day earthling with their unique magnificence.

The new ship Viking Ra will set sail on a new Egypt itinerary, Pharaohs & Pyramids in March 2018. The all-suite river ship boasts 24 suites and accommodates 48 guests, reflecting Viking's award-winning Scandinavian design and intimate sailing experience.

2018 Sailings were sold out fast but Viking have just launched 2019, priced from $7,795 per person.


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