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Nepal - Lobuche East and Island Peak

20 Years ago I was introduced to Christine and Margaret Gee who had recently started a company called Australian Himalayan Expeditions. It was one of the world’s first adventure tourism companies, that at the time, specialised in treks to Nepal and in particular the Everest region. At that stage they were looking for foundation clients to join the early tours and go back to the country as future guides. I very nearly chose that path, but decided to further my accounting career instead. Ever since that time I have longed to visit the Everest region of the world as deep down I believed it to be a special region on Earth.
Both the ocean and the Mountains are special places in my mind as they both have life and a spirit that gives them both beauty. They are both unforgiving environments that demand respect and those who ignore their power often pay the ultimate price. Over the intervening years I had visited the European Alps, in Austria , Italy Switzerland and most recently Slovenia . Each visit rekindled a deep-seated love for the alpine regions.

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