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Inclusive Tourism Marketing Toolkit

Workbook for collecting key information on Accommodation and Resorts

Front CoverDesign that caters for the needs of everyone is formally known as Universal Design or Design for All. Sometimes the smallest things like providing a walking stick holder at your reception desk, making sure planter boxes are not placed below lift call buttons and ensuring bathroom and kitchen taps provide purchase for those with a poor grip, can make a huge difference to the experience of your guests. This guide encourages owners and operators to take a fresh look at their premises from the point of view of someone with a disability. Further, good design for someone with a disability is better design for everyone and will be appreciated by young families with prams and pushers, the elderly and for businessmen with heavy suitcases.

The workbook is not a statutory audit checklist, it is designed to be used as a “walkthrough” tool to enable you to collect information on your facilities. It collects the sort of data that is important to a various range of disabilities and will allow people with a disability to make an informed decision as to whether a facility is suitable for them or not.
Most of the data collected with this guide should be available on your web site. The best facilities will remain invisible to your potential customers if they are not promoted. Terms such as “we have an accessible room” is largely meaningless as is the simple use of the “wheelchair” disability symbol. Having a tag line of “call us for accessibility information” is putting potential customers at a disadvantage over other customers searching on the internet and potentially putting your establishment at a competitive disadvantage over your competitors.

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