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Let your members, friends, supporters and sponsors help fund your organisation every time they travel or go on holidays.......starting with their very next trip.

EvergladesAbout Travability

Bill and DeborahTravability was formed in 2007 by by Bill Forrester and Deborah Davis to develop accessibilty information on tourist destinations to help travellers with a disability plan their dream holiday. In recent years we have become strong advocates to both governments and the tourism industry to improve their facilities, training and information services for people with a disability.We are members of SATH (Society for Accessible Travel and Hospitality), ENAT (European Network for Accessible Tourism) and Tour Watch the world incubator for Accessible Tourism. We are acknowledged as global thought leaders and advocates for Accessible Tourism.
In 2011 we were a finalist in the National Disability Awards recognising our ongoing efforts towards making the World Accessible to All.

In 2014 we were a finalist in the Australian Human Rights Awards.

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TravAbility is Australia’s foremost travel provider for Travellers with a disability. We were formed in 2007 and offer a full travel agency service from:

We are continually expanding our contacts to offer the greatest variety possible of accessible and inclusive holidays worldwide.

Kennedy Space CentreTo help organisations raise much needed additional cash, we have launched the Travability Travel Club. The Travel Club is designed to encourage your members, families, friends, associates, local businesses and your sponsors to book their travel through TravAbility. This applies to all forms of travel not just disability related trips.
Our Travel Club works on a “rewards” basis where we pay back to your club, association or charity up to 10% of the net commission value of bookings made through TravAbility. We will record all bookings made by your members into your Club Account and issue you a monthly report so you can see how you balance is growing. Payments will be made quarterly. The Club is free to join and there are no administration fees.
Setting up your Travel Club is easy:
Step 1: Call 1300 722 683 or email TravAbility and register your club, association or Charity with our staff.
Step 2: Let everyone associated with your group know that your Travel Club exists. For your group to benefit all they have to do is call TravAbility to make their next travel bookings....mention your club and the rest is done for them. Not only a seamless travel package but they can support their favourite group at the same time. We can provide you with custom material to include in your newsletters or email blasts.
Step 3: When one of your members books their trip all they have to do is let us know that they are with your Travel Club and their booking will automatically be associated with your Travel Club account.
Step 4: Once the booking is finalised the Travel Club value will be credited to your account.