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Bill and Deborah In the Florida Everglades  

Travability's co-founders Bill and
Deborah in Melbourne, Australia is dedicated to Inclusive Tourism through education, advocacy, and by providing accessibility information for the world’s best travel destinations.

Our mission is to be agents of change; to inspire people who have never traveled before to do so, and to inspire others to do more. To encourage all cultures of the world to see disability as an integral part of life, and to provide the motivation to create accessible environments that enable inclusion.

Bill and Deborah


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New Mobility CoverTravAbility's Co-Founder, Deborah Davis, named
New Mobility's Person of the Year.
"Davis has made it her mission to change the perception of people with disabilities, not just in the United States but around the world — through photography, words, contacts, and savvy marketing. “I won’t rest until every time you open any magazine you see a person with a disability,” she says in a phone interview from her home in Broward County, Fla. Her strategy includes supplying high-quality photos featuring people with disabilities to every major advertiser and every form of media through PhotoAbility, a project that has earned her the honor of being chosen as NEW MOBILITY’s 2013 Person of the Year."

Travability PropertiesIntroducing TravAbility Properties
Travability Properties has been created to provide a new resource for you to find accessible swaps, rentals, sales and vacation rentals throughout the world.
What if you could take a two week vacation anywhere in the world of your choice with FREE accommodation and a vehicle provided? What if all you had to pay for was airfare to get there? Well, this is now a very real possibility with our Home Swapping or Home Exchange site. Read more

BelizeYOU Better BELIZE It!! - by Deborah Davis
The one thing I learned in Belize, which was actually the most impactful on me, is regardless of how intentionally or unintentionally inaccessible and excluding the country is, they are some of the most helpful, willing and friendly people I have ever had the pleasure of overcoming “challenges” with. There was nothing that was impossible to them. Literally nothing was refused. I was pulled in and out of boats, my chair held over head and walked from ocean to deserted islands, provided with a private snorkel guide to assist me. I had three of the strongest most fit men literally mule carry me up a forest mountain and attach me to not one, but eight zip line platforms and take me tandem through the longest zip line in all of Belize. Read more

frog and the bicycleAccessible Tourism is the Tourism Industry's Bicycle
While the title may appear to unusual it goes to the very heart of the issue for travelers with a disability and a tourism industry that has so far been unable to see beyond the end of its nose in relation to one of the fastest growing opportunities it has ever had.
Read more

AAWGTravability’s Response to:
Issues Paper: Airline Two Wheelchair Policy

Given the importance of the growing Inclusive Tourism sector, Australia must have an air transport infrastructure that is equal to the best in the world in the way its treats travellers with a disability or run the risk at putting itself into a non competitive position as a world tourism destination. Read more

European Accessible TourismUNWTO approves accessible tourism recommendations
Europe continuous to lead the world in redefining accessible tourism in terms of an economic competitive imperative as well as being a fundamental human right under the UN CRPD article 30.
“Accessibility is a central element of any responsible and sustainable tourism policy. It is both a human rights imperative and an exceptional business opportunity,” said UNWTO Secretary-General Taleb Rifai. “Above all, we must come to appreciate that accessible tourism does not only benefit persons with disabilities or special needs, it benefits us all,” he added. Read more

Sydney AirportAustralia's Airline 2 Wheelchair Policy
The Australian Human Rights Commission has been a part of a working group to improve access to aviation for the past four years which has failed to bring about any real change in access. Four years is long and it is time AHRC gave the Australian disabled traveller and our international visitors the same rights of access that have been enjoyed in the US and Europe for years. Read more

Big BenVisitEngland Announces New Marketing Campaign to Develop and Promote Accessible Tourism
VisitEngland has unveiled plans for a national marketing campaign to promote accessible tourism in England next year. The national tourist board will work with five destinations to develop exciting itineraries with top class accommodation and attractions that provide a warm welcome for all visitors including those with access needs. The campaign, a first of its kind, will be promoted through marketing activity starting in late Summer 2013, and is designed to highlight the fantastic tourism experiences on offer to all across the country. Read more

Accommodation ToolkitInclusive Tourism Marketing Tools
Our marketing guide gives an overview of the Inclusive Tourism market, its size and growth potential while our workbook is designed to be used as a “walkthrough” tool to enable you to collect information on your facilities. It collects the sort of data that is important to a various range of disabilities and will allow people with a disability to make an informed decision as to whether a facility is suitable for them or not.
Read more

Mercure HobartMercure Hobart launches Australia’s first disability hotel rooms designed for travellers with vision and hearing impairment.
While many hotels offer mobility accessible rooms for disabled guests, the Mercure Hobart hotel has gone two steps further with the modification of eight accommodation rooms to specifically cater for visitors with a hearing or vision impairment. Read more

South AfricaCape Town South Africa by Deborah Davis
The Victoria and Alfred Hotel ended up being the piece de la resistance of the trip. The view, I believe should hold a place on the list of “The Best Hotel Views in the World”. The "handicapped accessible” room's view is revealed via two outward opening large bay windows looking down directly onto the harbour and waterfront and then up to the most breathtaking Table Mountain in the distance. Read more

OstrichInclusive Tourism - An Economic Imperative driven by the Baby Boomer Generation
From the 1st of January 2012, the Baby Boomers start turning 65 at the rate of 1 every 8 seconds in the US alone. It is a market being ignored by the travel industry.
Read more

Wheelchair on beachTravel Industry Structure is a barrier to Inclusive Tourism There is significant cultural change needed within the industry. That change has to occur at all levels but most importantly at the wholesaler and tour operator level. That section of the industry drives what the consumer ultimately sees as packaged product, what the retail agents offer and what training is given to the retail industry. Until such time as the wholesalers regard Inclusive Tourism as a viable market it will not be adopted into the mainstream tourism culture. Read more

Lobby wheelchair liftADA Changes present the Tourism Industry with a Market Opportunity not a Compliance Issue
The 15th of March 2012 is not just another compliance date. It should be viewed as the catalyst to reexamine the preconceptions about accessibility. It is time for the tourism industry to realise that the aging population and the retirement of the baby boomers is going to change the tourism product needs. Read more

Scandic Oslo AirportScandic Oslo Airport wins the Innovation Prize
The Norwegian Design Council is the body behind the launch of a new Norwegian prize to reward innovative, accessible, user-friendly solutions. Scandic Oslo Airport was the winner in the "Furniture and Interior" category and therefore automatically nominated for the Innovation Design Prize 2011. Today it was announced that Scandic Oslo Airport also won by the main prize – The Innovation Prize! Read more

trailriderParks Victoria extends its Trailrider and Beach Wheelchair Program

Trial an all-terrain wheelchair in some of Victoria's most stunning parks.

Read more


wheelchair on pool deckThe Economic Model of Inclusive Travel
Changing the demand drivers for the provision of products and services in Inclusive Tourism. The Why and How.
We have expanded on our original article to examine the key areas that the tourism industry world wide is ignoring and what needs to be done to get a more inclusive result Read more

Scandic hotelsImproved accessibility – a commercial success for Scandic
Scandic is intensifying its successful focus on improved accessibility. This year, over 100 new rooms for disabled will be added to the portfolio and 2012 there will be even more to meet the large and growing demand. Read more

Deb in the EvergladesThe Spirit of Inclusive Travel - A personal story by Deborah Davis
I travel because I want my mind and my heart and my soul to overcome the boundaries that my body now feels. I travel in spite of the fact that it is “inconvenient” in that I am unable to walk onto the plane or to simply stand up and use the bathroom when needed, or that I have to spend innumerable hours planning and seeking out where I may be able to go in a wheelchair....... Read more

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Travel Insurance for people with a disability can be difficult. We have had more success with Square Mouth Insurance. Every situation is different but we suggest you give them a try.

As with all insurance please read their disclosure documents to ensure any policy meets your expectation.

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