Articles and Papers

Our collection of articles and papers outline the strategy behind Accessible Tourism, the demographic changes that are driving the demand for accessible experiences, the economic and social imperatives and a selection of World’s Best Practice initiatives.

Kuranda Scenic Railway

Queensland launches the National Quality Tourism Framework – Accessibility Accreditation Module

The Accessibility self-assessmentmodule joins the suite of best practiceprograms under the national QualityTourism Framework.

WTTC releases major new paper for Inclusive & Accessible Guidelines to aid global Travel & Tourism recovery

WTTC releases major new paper for Inclusive & Accessible Guidelines to aid global Travel & Tourism recovery Providing accessible travel is both a social imperative and a business opportunity

Accessible Tourism Identified As Game Changer for Destinations

Ensuring accessibility for tourists with specific access requirements can be a ‘game changer’ for destinations around the world as they look to bounce back from the impacts of the pandemic.
Wheelchair on a jetty in Cairns

Accessible Tourism – A critical part of a staged tourism restart

Travellers with a disability tend to stay longer and spend more than the general traveling population which is a key incentive for tourism operators to actively market their accessibility.

UNWTO COVID19 – An Inclusive Response for Vulnerable Groups

The recovery should include accessibility as a central pillar in measures to improve destinations’ offer and competitiveness, contributing to inclusive environments, services and employment.

Eurostar provides 360° guide to help travellers with autism

Eurostar, the high-speed passenger rail service linking the UK with mainland Europe, has launched a new 360° virtual guide to help travellers with autism have a smooth and stress-free journey, in a first for the travel industry.

A Blueprint for the Development of a Successful Accessible Tourism Strategy

The tourism industry is facing a rapidly changing environment. The population is ageing and living longer. The retiring Baby Boomer generation will control over 50% of the total tourism spend and will be demanding experiences that differ from those generations that have preceded them.
Melbourne Cable Park

Australian Tourism Data Warehouse Enhances Accessibility Criteria

ATDW is collaborating with Local Government NSW (LGNSW) and DNSW to enable Australian tourist destinations, products and services to accurately highlight their accessible facilities to the Inclusive Tourism market.
Moonlit sanctuary

Understanding the opportunity for Australia in Accessible Tourism

In the first piece of new research into the Australian domestic Accessible Tourism market in nearly 10 years, My Travel Research were commissioned to do both a qualitative and qualitative study with the aim of determining the current value of the market, the latent demand and the key barriers preventing travel for people with a disability.

Destinations for All – Montreal Declaration

A World for Everyone Declaration from the World Summit Destinations for All Montreal, 2014

The Disabled Travelers Guide to the Galaxy

Frogs, Bicycles, Imo, UD = MC2 and the Restaurant at the end of the Universe It would be nice to think that travelers with a disability were free to travel the Universe with nothing more than their trusty towel. In reality, travel even to a local attraction, is far more difficult than it needs to be.

An Economic Model of Disability

Changing the demand drivers for the provision of products and services in Inclusive Tourism. The Why and How.
Deborah in the Everglades

The Spirit of Inclusive Travel – a Personal Story by Deborah Davis

I travel because I want my mind and my heart and my soul to overcome the boundaries that my body now feels.