A must see for anyone visiting Florida is the Kennedy Space Center. Lying on the Space Coast it is a 35 minute drive east of Orlando or a three and a half hour drive north of Miami on the I95. Kennedy Space Center is synonymous with man’s exploration of space from the early Mercury and Gemini mission, the Apollo Moon landings and the Space shuttle missions.
The Kennedy Space Center offers travellers with a disability a fully accessible experience from the visitors centre to the bus tours of the complex.

An accessible parking area is right adjacent to the visitors centre entrance and is available to anyone with a valid parking permit. Temporary permits are available from the ticket booths outside the centre entrance.

Entrance and Visitors centre
The ticket booths are located outside the entrance and are accessible. Entry to the building is via large self opening doors and through a security screening area. Once inside the visitors area is flat and gives access to the Space Shop, Imax Theatre, Cafe Rocket Garden, Space Shuttle Mock Up, and launch experience attractions. All of the attractions within the visitors centre are fully accessible and accessible restrooms are available at the IMAX theatre, cafe, and snack bar area near the Shuttle display.

Shuttle Launch Experience
The shuttle launch experience is accessible via a ramped entry. The ride itself requires transfer from a chair. Each ride cabin has one specially equipped ADA seat with a swivelling armrest. This seat is also equipped with a five point harness for those with poor trunk
control. There is an alternative observation room which provides the full video of the launch experience without the ride sensation for those not wanting the experience or not wishing to transfer out of their chair. The ride itself includes rotation through 90 degrees and considerable vibration. There are no sudden movements or jerkiness. Exit from the building is via another sloping curved ramp.

Full Scale Space Shuttle Exhibit
The full scale space shuttle is accessed via a sloping ramp or elevators. There are two levels giving access into the payload bay lower level and the flight cockpit and upper level of the payload bay. On each level is an elevator stop. The ramps lead right into the shuttle and a level viewing platform on each level.

Guided Space Center Tour
A highlight of a visit to the Kennedy Space Center is the guided tour of the facility including the launch pad observation tower and the Apollo Museum.
The tours leave from the bus bay located on the right as you leave the entrance building. The tour operates on a hop-on hop-off basis at the stops along the tour. Each bus in the fleet is equipped with a wheelchair lift. Inside the bus there is an area for two wheelchairs or if you prefer the two seats adjacent to the lift are equipped with grab rails to allow a transfer into the bus seats.

The first stop on the tour is the launch pad observation tower. This stop is equipped with a theatre, kiosk, picnic tables, an interactive display area and of course the tower.
The tower gives a commanding view over the launch pads, the transportation tracks and back to the Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB). The tower is equipped with an elevator to all levels. At the top of the tower there is an outside observation deck that is fully ramped.

The theatre has wheelchair access and wheelchair positions at the front on either side. Adjacent to the theatre is an interactive display centre. The displays are all at a height readable from a wheelchair and the consoles are roll-under.

The picnic tables at the observation tower centre all have a roll-under position and the restrooms are accessible.

Apollo Complex
The second stop on the tour is the Apollo Museum.
On arrival at the Apollo Centre the first activity is the theatre outlining the history of the Apollo missions. This area is a level floor with good wheelchair access. After the short presentation which is captioned, you are directed into the firing room for the launch sequence of Apollo 8, the first mission to orbit the moon. Wheelchair access is via the left hand door with a level area at the front of the firing room. The same area has a hearing loop. .This is an enormous building and a complete highlight as it contains a full size Saturn V rocket, the lunar lander and the lunar Rover. The full history of the Apollo program is on display in a fully level easy to get around building. In addition to the displays there is a cafe, and accessible restrooms. As with the observation tower there is no rush or timetable to adhere to. Once you have completed your visit you simply go back outside and catch the next available bus to the next destination. On departing the complex the accessible bus loading is off to the left not at the main loading area

Astronaut Memorial
Behind the replica space shuttle display is the Astronaut memorial. It is accessed by a gently sloping ramp, about the only ramp. This display recognises those astronauts whose lives have lost. All displays can be easily read.