Golden County Motel and Caravan Park – Maryborough

The Golden County Motel is located on the outskirts of Maryborough, approx. 1.4 kilometres from the town centre. It has an accessible unit with a private concrete car park next to the unit allowing easy, direct access. It has a queen and single bed allow for a variety of configurations from families to a person with a disability and carer.

The bathroom consists of a separate shower and toilet area. The toilet has handrails on the side only. The room has good circulation space.

The shower is a full roll in with a small fixed fold down seat. The shower controls are hot and cold knob type within easy reach of the seat. The shower head is detachable on the long flexible hose.


The room is an older design that may not suit all people with a disability. The addition of a handrail at the rear of the toilet and a change of shower taps to a “cross” type with larger handles would cater for higher level disabilities.

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