Golden Dragon Museum

The Golden Dragon Museum is a living history of the Chinese people of Bendigo and now as the hub of Chinese cultural activity in Australia the museum allows visitors to experience first-hand Chinese arts, history and culture.

Chinese history and heritage have been a core part of Bendigo since the gold rush. The Golden Dragon’s inevitable collection brings that history to life. 

There is an accessible entry just prior to the main set of steps over the levy.

Inside the main foyer are the gift shop, tea rooms and an accessible toilet facility.

The museum is entered through a wide doorway. The main exhibition hall is circular showing off the dragon and display costumes. Around the lower level are a series of display rooms, all of which are easily accessed.  The displays are mainly pictorial making them suitable for all cognitive levels and non-English speaking visitors.

A large doorway leads through to the exhibition hall housing an expansive collection of artefacts. The hall is well laid out making it easy to navigate by people using any form of mobility aid.

Outside the museum are the Chinese Gardens.

The entry is ramped and concrete paths are throughout the garden. There is a ramp leading up to the pavilion at the end of the garden.

Within the precinct, there is also a Chinese temple with ramped access to the door. Wheelchair users cannot enter the building due to the Chinese Door Sill at the entrance.

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