Maryborough Railway Station

The Maryborough Railway Station is a grand old building. There are designated disabled parking spaces in the car park and the building is accessible via a ramp to the left of the main entry.

The main station foyer is through self-opening double glass doors. The platform is straight ahead through another set of self-opening glass doors. Off the foyer is the Tracks Café. A wooden ramp covers the old step. The café is open and easy to navigate. Seating is movable offer a wide choice of seating location. The menu caters to all dietary requirements.

Behind the café is a gallery space which is well laid out with ample room for users of all forms of mobility devices.

At the northern end of the platform are the railway museum and art gallery. A small 75mm step is at its entrance. Inside, the gallery has room for mobility devices and a small ramp leads to the inner room.

At the southern end of the platform is a unisex accessible toilet.

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