The Mill – Castlemaine

Castlemaine’s old woollen mill has been transformed into a food and artisan precinct. The entire precinct has been built on flat land. There are continuous paths of access throughout the site. The paths are either concrete of smooth paved surfaces. All buildings have wide door access. All ramps in the precinct are gently sloping.

Of particular note is the counter in the Brewery with a recessed front along its entire length making it suitable for wheelchair users.

The  Vintage Bazaar and Platform No. 5 have very generous access corridors and uncluttered stalls allow easy access to wheelchair users, people using mobility aids, and people with a visual impairment.

There are four toilet locations throughout the precinct each of which contains an accessible unisex cubicle. Accessible parking bays are also provided at each of the main car parks giving direct access to their respective entry doors.

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