Victorian Goldfields Railway

Victorian Goldfields Railway is an authentic volunteer run steam railway linking historic gold mining towns of Castlemaine and Maldon in Central Victoria.

The station at Maldon has designated disabled parking adjacent to the station building. Level access is via the station gates to the left of the station building. The railway operates an accessible carriage that is capable of taking up to 12 wheelchairs on all trips. Like all rolling stock, the carriage is subject to periodic maintenance for advance booking is advisable. The carriage is equipped with ramps to allow access at Maldon and Castlemaine. Access to the station at Castlemaine is more difficult than Maldon. The train operates from platform 3 in Castlemaine. The access from the car park is via a long ramp at the end of platform one across the tracks and back up onto platform three. The gradients are 1:20  and the distance of approximately 300 metres.

There are good accessible toilets available at both Maldon and Castlemaine on the platforms. The are no toilets on the train and the journey time between Maldon and Castlemaine is approximately 45 minutes. A return journey is best undertaken from Maldon. It should be noted that there is no accessible transport available at Maldon Station to transfers passengers into the Maldon Township.

In addition to the accessible carriage, the train also has a carriage with individual booths. These booths would be ideal for people on the autism spectrum or families with members with autism.

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