The Forge Pizzeria and Housey Housey

The Forge is a traditional Pizzeria. Entry from the sidewalk is through a wide level door. The interior is spacious allowing easy navigation for users or mobility devices or parents with prams. The furniture is movable allowing a choice of seating location. There is also a curbside dining space with level access and movable furniture. The restaurant has full table service. At the rear of the restaurant is an accessible toilet with side and rear handrails. There is no backrest. The hand basin has a lever mixer tap and a sloping mirror.

A wide doorway leads through to the Housey Housey function space. This space is an open area with furniture arranged as required. It has an integrated sound and light system that allows control of both sound volume and lighting by zone. The main entry to the space is through full-width sliding doors directly off the street. The accessible toilet of the Forge is shared by this function space.

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