Sugarloaf Reservoir Park

Nestled in the Christmas Hills, 35 kilometres north east of Melbourne, Sugarloaf is a tranquil setting for a picnic or a stroll near the reservoir shores, offering wonderful views across the water.

Wet a line in the lake which is stocked with rainbow trout, brown trout, redfin, roach and European carp.

Saddle Dam Picnic Area

The Saddle Dam picnic area is the most accessible within the Sugarloaf Reservoir Park.


Just inside the entrance are two designated disabled parking bays, each is 4.1 metres in width.  The Car park surface is level asphalt and the bays are adjacent to both the toilet facility and the covered picnic area.

Toilet Facilities

The toilet block is accessed via a gently sloping asphalt pathway and contains a unisex accessible cubicle. It is large with ample room beside the toilet which is equipped with side and rear grab rails. The toilet height is 450 millimetres. There is an accessible hand basin with a timed push to operate tap. There is cold water only supplied to the basin. The entry door is a swing type requiring only light pressure to open and the handle is a lever type with a rotating internal lock.

Picnic Facilities

Next to the toilet block is a large covered picnic shelter. Inside the shelter there individual bays with tables. None of those tables have provision for wheelchair users, however on the outside of the main shelter is a number of tables with long overhanging ends.

The walking path around the Saddle has a compacted gravel surface.

Southern lookout

The Southern is located next to the Saddle Dam Picnic Area.

It provides a very similar view to that available at the Saddle Dam Picnic area. There are no designated disabled parking spaces available. The car park is asphalt with a concrete curb. The only curb cut available is at the far end of the car park where there is a gravel road leading to the launching ramp. The road also provides the only paved surface to the viewing area and is a loose course gravel.

There are no facilities at the Southern Lookout.

Western lookout


There are no designated disabledparking spaces available. The car park surface is asphalt and is level. It has a concrete curb 150 millimetres in height but there are no curb cuts.

The western lookout provides good views across Sugarloaf reservoir even from the car and is worth the stop.


At the northern end of the lookout’s grassed picnic area is a gate in the fence leading to the designated fishing area. Access down to the edge of the lake is via a 1/10 gravel path of approximately 50 metres. The lake edge is a sloping rock wall which would make fishing by wheelchair users difficult without a long rod.

Ridge Picnic Area

The Ridge picnic area is spread out around the ridge at the northern edge of the reservoir park.

This picnic area has limited accessible facilities. Wheelchair users and those using mobility aids should chose the Saddle Dam picnic area.

Toilet Facilities

Disabled toilet facilities are provided in the toilet complex. The facilities are contained within the male and female blocks. The cubicle provides a toilet with a 450 millimetre seat height with side and rear grab bars. There is space beside the toilet for a wheelchair and there is turning space within the cubicle. The hand basin is located outside the cubicle. The cubicle door is equipped with a rotating lock.


The best access to the toilet block is via the upper or entry road. Parking is adjacent to the block, however there are no designated disabled bays. The first bay in the park is a wide 4 metre one with an additional triangular vacant area beside it. There is a curb cut in the adjacent bay opposite the path to the northern lookout, but it is subject to being blocked by parked cars. The curb is sloping and is 150 millimetres high.

Picnic Areas

There are several picnic areas and pavilions in this area, however, all of them involve the negotiation of gravel sloping paths. The largest pavilion, directly below the toilet block can be accessed from the lower road. The path is gently sloping and has a compacted gravel surface. Electric BBQ’s with a 900 millimetre working height are provided. The picnic tables do not provide a roll under end.

There are no designated disabled parking bays in the lower car park, however the park next to the access path provides an option for those needing space beside the car for wheelchair access.

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