Westerfolds Park

Westerfolds is a metropolitan park in the outer Melbourne suburb of Templestowe nestled into a hilly bend in the Yarra River. It has a network of bitumen and gravel paths, shelters, playgrounds, picnic tables and electric barbecues. It is a popular spot for picnics, and family gatherings.

Canoe Launching Area

The canoe launching area provides access to the Yarra River.

The car park has four designated disabled parking bays, 3 are 5 metres wide and the one closest to the access path to the rowing club is 6 metres wide. The parking area and access path to the rowing club is bitumen. A unisex disabled toilet facility is available outside the rowing club along width an accessible drinking fountain.

Access to the river is via a compacted gravel path 60 metres in length with a maximum gradient of 1 in 10.

Swamp Gum Picnic Area

The Swamp Gum Picnic Area contains BBQs, a picnic shelter with tables and a playground.

The parking area has 4 designated disabled parking bays. Each pair of bays share a common access way. The bays are 3.3 metres wide and the access way 1.2 metres in width.

Under the picnic pavilion there are three wooden tables with extended table tops to enable wheelchair users to roll under the table. Outside there are some modern steel tables. The ends have a 400 millmetre overhang and the concrete pads are large enough to accommodate a wheelchair at the end of the table.

The BBQ’s are located in the pavilion and have an operating height of 900 millimetres.

The playground is partially accessible for children or parents using wheelchairs. It has a central ramp leading to three accessible activities. The playground is accessed via an asphalt path directly from the car park or from the picnic area.

The nearest toilet facilities are located at Melaleuca Parking area. An asphalt pathway leads from the Swamp Gum Picnic Area.

Yellow Box Carpark

The Yellow Box Carpark gives direct access to the River Trail. There are no toilet or picnic facilities.

The carpark has 2 designated disabled parking bays, each 3.3 metres wide and sharing a central loading area. There is an access ramp leading from the loading area directly onto the trail.

There is an accessible drinking fountain provided.

Red Stringybark Car Park.

The Red Stringybark Carpark provides access to another picnic area.

There are two designated disabled parking bays opposite the picnic shelter. They are again 3.3 metres wide and serviced by a central shared loading area and access path. The loading area leads directly to a brick path to the picnic pavilion. This picnic area is serviced by woodfired BBQs. There are two available outside the pavilion on a flat earthen surface. Wood is provided and the wood bins are at an accessible height.

There are no accessible picnic tables.

There are no toilet facilities at this picnic ground, the closest being at Melaleuca.

Melaleuca Car Park

The main toilet block for this end of the park is located at the Melaleuca Car Park. There are two designated disabled parking spaces and again they are 3.3 metres wide with a shared loading access way. The toilet block contains one unisex cubicle and baby change facilities. The cubicle is large with adequate maneuvering room and wheel space beside the toilet. Side and rear grab bars are provided. The entry has a sliding door.

Outside the toilet block is an accessible drinking fountain.

Porter Street

The Porter Street end of the park has too parking areas. The one furthest from the entry has two designated disabled parking bays, 3.3 metres wide. One is located in the middle of the carpark adjacent to a central loading area. The central loading area leads to a set of steps to the picnic pavilion. The second bay is located at the end of the carpark nearest the toilet block. The step free route is via the car park entry road. A short brick path leads to the pavilion. One accessible table is provided. There are electric BBQ’s with a working height of 900 millmetres. A second BBQ is provided on the grassed area towards the entrance.

The second car park provides an addition designated disabled parking space next to the park service road. This is a wide bay with the additional clearway space beside it.

A toilet block is located between the car parks and it contains a unisex accessible toilet and baby change room facility. The room is large with wheelchair space beside the toilet with grab bars provided beside and behind the toilet.

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