Kalbarri Skywalk opens with Universal Accessibility

Photo: Shem Bisluck/DBCA

The highly anticipated Kalbarri Skywalk in Kalbarri National Park has officially opened, providing a major tourism boost for the Mid-West region.

Environment Minister Stephen Dawson said:

“Today is an exciting day for everyone who was involved in the development of this bold and iconic facility – congratulations to the Nanda Traditional Owners, the Mid-West Development Commission, the Parks and Wildlife Service at the Department of Biodiversity of Conservation and Attractions and all the contractors.”

The opening of the universally accessible Skywalk marks the culmination of a $24 million project to install two cantilevered platforms overlooking the Murchison Gorge, a kiosk, shade shelters, toilets, parking, 22km of park roads, and upgrades to Meanarra Hill and Z Bend tourist sites.

“These 100-metre high Skywalks which project 25 and 17 metres beyond the cliff face complement the existing natural beauty of the surrounding area, and I’m pleased to say that with universal accessibility, they can be enjoyed by all who visit the national park.”
Stephen Dawson, Environment Minister

For the Nanda Traditional Owners, the facility showcases their culture and stories through interpretive and artistic elements. Visitors are greeted with an entry sign stating kaju yatka, the Nanda words for ‘sky’ and ‘to walk.’

The State Government is working with the Nanda people to explore opportunities for the management of the soon-to-open environmentally friendly kiosk that will operate on low to nil emissions on an off-the-grid power system.

Kalbarri National Park is an iconic location, famous for its 80-kilometre gorge, coastal cliffs that plunge more than 100 metres to the ocean, striking wildflowers and many recreational activities. Annual visits to the national park have increased by almost 100,000 over the past five years to more than 450,000 last year.

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