Bassine Specialty Cheeses

Bassine Specialty Cheeses is a small cheese making factory located in Bass. The cheese is made from the milk of their own dairy farm. The small cafe sales building has a designated disabled parking bay on the right hand side of the building giving direct access to the concrete veranda. Entry to the building is through a single sliding door. There is a 13mm sill at floor level. The door is 860mm wide. The small cafe is well laid out and easy to maneuver through. The display cabinets are low and glass fronted. At the back of the cafe is a low glass window to view the operation of the factory and the cheese being hand made. The cafe tables provide good knee clearance and the chairs are movable. Outside at the back of the building are two disabled toilets, one left hand and one right hand transfer. Both have side and rear handrails, padded backrests and a hand basin with lever mixer taps.

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