Seahorse Motel

Seahorse Motel

The Seahorse motel is located in Chapel Street, 500 metres from the main strip of Cowes.

The motel has two accessible two bedroom units, one a motel room style and the other fully self-contained.

Each unit has wide entry doors and parking directly in front of the units. The parking bays are wide with ample room for wheelchair users.

Each bathroom is a full wet-room. The shower has a sliding shower head that is also removable. Portable shower chairs are provided. The toilet has side and rear handrails with a metre of clear space beside the toilet.

A full-length vanity unit is provided with lever taps on the hand basin.

The main bedrooms have a queen bed with room under the bed for a portable hoist. The second bedroom/ lounge area has two single beds again with room under the bed for a portable hoist. A couch is located between the beds that can be moved on request.

The kitchen area is large and open. The microwave is located above the bench and may be difficult to reach for wheelchair users.

The grounds of the motel contain a swimming pool with wide level access. Entry to the pool is via steps and a handrail is provided. Next to the steps is a wide in-water seating area.

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