Snapper House Bed and Breakfast is located at 1 Snapper Court Rhyll. It is a 15 minute walk into the town of Rhyll.

Snapper House has three bedrooms with bedroom 3 being suitable for people with limited mobility and wheelchair users. The room has two double beds with clearance under both of them for a portable hoist. The room has ample room for wheelchair users bath in front of the beds at the side of the bed nearest the bathroom.

The bathroom is large with a full roll-in shower at the end. It has a height adjustable and removable shower head. Shower control is via a single mixer tap on the end wall of the shower. A portable shower chair is available. The toilet is free standing with no handrails. Wheelchair users with poor trunk control may need a portable commode for support. The vanity unit is semi roll under and equipped with a mixer lever tap.

The lounge/breakfast room is spacious. There is also access to the outside deck via the front entry door.

Snapper House has a ramp at the side for access from the carpark.