Wheelchair Dimensions per Aircraft Type

Wide bodied
Airbus A330, A380, Boeing 747, 787160cm150cm150cm
Boeing 77784cm100cm125cm
Narrow Bodied
Airbus A320/321100cm140cm140cm
Boeing 737 (all series)84cm100cm125cm
Boeing 71769cm129cm100cm
Dash 8130cm85cm115cm
Fokker F10063cm125cm125cm

The above table lists the maximum dimensions of wheelchairs that can be carried on various aircraft types. This table should be used as a guide only as different airlines have different configurations and different methods of containerizing baggage. In particular with the A320 series of aircraft only the rear cargo compartment has the higher door. Some airlines reserve this section for cargo only not checked baggage including wheelchairs. Please check with your airline or travel agent before making a booking.

Also be aware of the route you are intending to fly and the number of flights a day operated by a certain aircraft type. Aircraft substitutions occur on a regular basis which can affect the wheelchair dimensions that can be carried.

The most common aircraft type used throughout the world is the 737. If you plan to tavel frequently a chair with a maximum height of less than 84 cm is strongly recommended.

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