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Hartleys Crocodile Adventures – Cairns

Hartleys Crocodile Adventures is located 40 minutes north of Cairns on the Captain Cook Highway. It occupies over 25 acres including the large man-made lagoon.

There are two designated disabled parking bays directly adjacent to the park entry. The car park is asphalt with level entry into the main building and ticket office. There is a small 19mm lip from the car park to the entry path.

Inside the entry is the main visitor centre with a cafe overlooking the lagoon, gift shop and accessible toilet facilities. The cafe has two levels. Access to the lower level, which overlooks the lagoon is via a ramp at the left-hand end. The servery is open with a full length counter. The food displays are easily viewable by visitors using wheelchairs. Trays are provided to allow food to be carried to the tables.

Boat Tour

The highlight of a visit to Hartleys is the boat tour to experience crocodiles being feed in the lagoon in a close encounter experience. The park operates three boats all of which have a large area at the front that can be used by wheelchair users. The row immediately behind the chair is reserved for family and friends. Wheelchair users and friends are boarded before the general public. The position offers the best view on the boat of the crocodile action. Boarding is via a gently sloping wide ramp onto the level floor at the front of the boat.

There are no toilets on board the boat and the cruise takes 25 minutes.

Feeding Displays

There are two feeding display areas in the park, Croc Feeding Arena and the Wildlife Amphitheatre. Access to the arena is via a wooden boardwalk of a moderate slope past the Croc Feeding Pen. Wheelchair access is along the entire front row of the arena. 

The second display area, the Amphitheatre, has wheelchair access to the top of the stand only giving an excellence view of the performance.

Hartleys is one of only two parks in Australia where you are able to cuddle a Koala and it is one of the parks most popular optional animal encounters. The experience is fully wheelchair accessible accessed off a concrete path a short distance from the main visitors’ centre. Visitors with a disability have an express queuing lane.

The map below has been marked up to show the steep ramp sections (Red) and the sandy unpaved section (Yellow)

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