QuestionActionAccessibility Guide
Is level access provided to play spaces?YES/NOA large playspace should have a layout map available

Images required:
Parking and entry if applicable
General images showing playspace layout and access paths
Images of each piece of equipment
Seats, shelters, picnic tables,
Toilet facilities

Are ramps provided to at least 25% of elevated sections of the play spaceYES/NO
Is the surface of the play space of a composite or rubberized material?YES/NO
Are there wheelchair accessible activities?YES/NO
Does the play space contain cognitive play panels?YES/NO
Does the play space contain tactile play panels or activities?YES/NO
Does the space contain colour contrasting elements?YES/NO
Is seating provided in or around the play space?YES/NO
Does the space contain a wheelchair swing?YES/NO
Are there any accessible picnic tables?YES/NO
Is there an accessible toilet?YES/NO
Is the a changing places or adult change facility?YES/NO
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