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Making the World Accessible for All

What is Accessible Tourism

The tourism industry is facing a rapidly changing environment. The population is ageing and living longer. The retiring Baby Boomer generation will control over 50% of the total tourism spend and will be demanding experiences that differ from those generations that have preceded them.
This active generation, who will be carrying with them age related disabilities, will expect a new level of accommodation from the tourism industry. They will not identify with the traditional disability sector, but will instead expect accessible tourism services to be provided by the mainstream industry. This generation is tech savvy and online and will expect accessibility information to be provided in the same place as all other tourism information, whether that is accommodation, attraction specific or destination wide.
Government policy encouraging diversity of employment will also greatly affect the MICE market. Conference organisors and venue operators will have to accept that almost all future conferences will have to cater for people with a disability at all levels of client companies.
The tourism industry has to make a quantum shift in the way it views people with a disability and has to learn how to provide fulfilling experiences as it does with any other sector.
The economics driving accessible tourism are enormous with the contribution predicted to be 25% of the total tourism market by 2025.
It is imperative that the changing demographic is taken into account and that future Tourism Strategies around the world incorporate an active role in encouraging the industry to adopt Accessible Tourism product. Further, tourism advertising should incorporate Accessible Tourism to attract the market. Major events should all cater for people of all abilities as part of the normal operation.

About Us

Our History

Travability was formed in 2007.

Initially Travability was set up as a vehicle to publish accessible travel information via its web site Today, Travability is a part of a worldwide group who’s mission is to create equality in accessibility in the hospitality and travel industries.

Our Vision

Our mission is to be agents of change; to inspire people who have never traveled before to do so, and to inspire others to do more. To encourage all cultures of the world to see disability as an integral part of life, and to provide the motivation and tools to the tourism industry to allow them to create accessible environments that enable inclusion in an economically sustainable way.

Change your Destination

The video “Change your destination” was issued by Fundación ONCE and UNWTO by the occasion of the 2019 International Fair of Tourism (FITUR).

Facilitating travel for people with disabilities is an exceptional business opportunity. Yet, a change in mind-set and in the model of tourism services provision is needed in order to meet this major market demand. Accessible environments and services contribute to improve the quality of the tourism product and can create more job opportunities for people with disabilities.

Accessibility, therefore, must be an intrinsic part of any responsible and sustainable tourism policy and strategy.

The latest from the News Desk

Heathrow launches new app for visually impaired passengers

From Monday December 3rd, visually impaired passengers at Heathrow will have access to on-demand, personalised assistance via the Aira app

VisitEngland and the National Autistic Society launch guide to help tourism businesses

VisitEngland and the National Autistic Society and England’s Inclusive Tourism Action Group have launched a web-based guide to help tourism businesses overcome barriers to welcoming autistic people.

Scandic Hotels introduces Mobility Scooters to Borrow

In their latest initiative, Scandic have introduced mobility scooters for outdoor use to make the local area more accessible for their guests with a disability when staying at their hotels.

Our Services

  • Travel Agent

    Full service travel agency for people with disability

  • Destination Manager

    Australian Inbound Destination Manager for international travel agents and tour operators

  • Industry Consultant

    Industry consultant on Accessible Tourism providing site and destination evaluations, industry training and marketing plans

  • Speaker

    Conference presentations and workshops, industry forums and one on one mentoring on Accessible Tourism

  • Stock Image Library

    Stock image library and custom photo services featuring real people with a disability