Fusspots Inglewood

Antiques and collectables are a feature of Inglewood. Fusspots offers a good accessible experience. The shop is entered through a level double door. There is a bell on the outside of the store if the second door is not open.

Inside the store, the layout is good for allowing people using wheelchairs or mobility devices to browse the shop freely. The shop is well laid out and uncluttered which also makes it suitable for people who are blind or visually impaired.


The grand historic buildings of Inglewood stand as testament to the wealth that flooded into this area. Today antiques and collectibles stores are clustered amongst the exquisite buildings and historic shopfronts.

The Inglewood historic township is flat. The main street has accessible parking spots. The footpaths are wide with good crossing points with most of the shops and cafes offering level entry. There a good accessible toilet attached to the Inglewood Community Hub located on Market Street. The treasure map and the Sir Reginald Ansett memorial are both located in Verdon Street.

Inglewood Blue Eucy Museum

The Blue Eucy Museum is on the site of the old Eucalyptus Distillery. It contains the historic remains of the distillery, a working model of the distillery process, a café, picnic area and toilet block.

The car park is hard packed fine gravel. From the car park to the main building the path is asphalt and level. Entry into the main building is through wide double doors that are manually operated with a lever doorknob. Door press is light and easily operated. The café, gift shop and display areas are all open with wide aisles and plenty of manoeuvring room. The countertop is low. All chairs can be moved to allow a choice of seating options for wheelchair users and users of other mobility devices. A wide door at the end of the café leads to an accessible outdoor eating area.

The model distillery display has wide entry and some bench seating with plenty of space inside for all types of mobility devices as well as prams and pushers.

The same theatrette has movable seating.

An accessible unisex toilet is located in the toilet block adjacent to the main building.

The historic distillery is reached via a gravel path. The path is new and does contain aggregate up to 50mm in diameter. The path gives access to all areas of the old distillery.

A picnic table and BBQ is located adjacent to the old distillery.  It is reached by crossing a relatively hard lawn area.  The BBQ and table on a concrete base and covered by a pavilion.

Welcome Stranger Monument – Moliagul

In February 1869, gold miner John Deason discovered a nugget near the roots of a tree, just 3cm beneath the soil. With the help of fellow miner Richard Oates, he uncovered the largest recorded alluvial gold nugget – known as the Welcome Stranger. The 61cm x 31cm nugget was taken to Dunolly to be measured on the bank’s scales, however at 69kg the gold needed to be broken on an anvil to actually fit on the scales.

Today, the Moliagul Historic Reserve is a picturesque picnic spot with a walking track showcasing points of interest from the gold rush era and a granite obelisk marking the spot of the incredible discovery.

The site has a picnic table, an undercover picnic area, wood-fired BBQ and a large stone obelisk marking the site. There are no toilet facilities at the site.

The surface from the car park to the monument is course quartz gravel. The surface is hard packed.

Wedderburn Coach House Museum.

The Wedderburn Coach House Museum is located in the main street. Entry is through either of two doors. There is a double door entry if required. Both entrances are level off the street. Within the main museum and adjacent café, there is ample manoeuvring room and all exhibits are visible.  Access to the Coach House can only be made through the gates of the main street., as there are stairs at the rear of the museum. To reach the coach house there is a gently sloping traverse across the lawn. The surface under the grass is hard and smooth. Both the area behind the museum and with the coach house are wheelchair and walker accessible. There are currently works underway to allow full access into the coach house. Currently, it requires the negotiation of a 75mm brick step. All exhibits, however,  are currently visible from the threshold which is inside the coach house.

An accessible outdoor picnic table is located on the front lawn of the coach house.