Das Kaffeehaus

Das Kaffeehaus is located at The Mill. Designated accessible parking is located just inside the entrance. The first bay in the sealed car park.

Access is via a level concrete path and wide entry doors.

The café is spacious with generous circulation space. Chairs are moveable giving seating options throughout the café. On the left-hand side of the café, there are a series of booths with a wheelchair seating option at the end. The floor is polished concrete.

There is an outdoor seating area accessible from double doors in the middle of the café, however, the surface is loose soft pebbles.

All the countertops are low giving good access to coffee and food.

Accessible toilet facilities are located adjacent to the café clear signed from the café entrance.

Maryborough Railway Station

The Maryborough Railway Station is a grand old building. There are designated disabled parking spaces in the car park and the building is accessible via a ramp to the left of the main entry.

The main station foyer is through self-opening double glass doors. The platform is straight ahead through another set of self-opening glass doors. Off the foyer is the Tracks Café. A wooden ramp covers the old step. The café is open and easy to navigate. Seating is movable offer a wide choice of seating location. The menu caters to all dietary requirements.

Behind the café is a gallery space which is well laid out with ample room for users of all forms of mobility devices.

At the northern end of the platform are the railway museum and art gallery. A small 75mm step is at its entrance. Inside, the gallery has room for mobility devices and a small ramp leads to the inner room.

At the southern end of the platform is a unisex accessible toilet.

Central Goldfields Art Gallery – Maryborough

The Art Gallery is housed in the old fire station in Neill Street. There is a designated disabled parking bay directly opposite the building. Entry is through a large front door. Entry from the street is level. Once inside there are two exhibition spaces. The larger space to the left has level access from the foyer.

To the right is a play area. A rear exhibition space is accessed via a ramp. A kitchen/meeting space is also available and is equipped with a portable ramp.

Talbot Farmers Market

The Talbot Farmers Market is held on the 3rd Sunday of every month. The streets of the town are closed and market stalls are set up on the roadways. In general, the market is easy to negotiate by people of all abilities. A temporary ramp is installed over the curb at Market Square.

It should be noted that the toilets in Pioneer Reserve are not accessible.

Talbot Provedore

The Talbot Provedore is located in Scandinavian Cres Talbot next to Market Square. The building is split level with internal stairs leading between levels inside the store and an external ramp next to Market Square. The accessible entrance is clearly signed on the front door. The entry door is wide and next to the main counter. The shop has ample manoeuvring room and moveable seats.  The menu showcases local produce and caters to specific dietary requirements.

The toilets are located behind the café. A door opposite the main entry leads to a ramped access way through the community garden. The is a fully accessible unisex cubicle available. Access to the toilets is also available through the community garden from Scandinavian Cres

McLandress Square Maryborough

MacLandress Square is a historic site in Maryborough which is home to the Town Hall, Post Office and Court House.

There is a designated disabled parking space in front of the post office. Ramps lead up the post office on either side of the building.  The square is easy to navigate. Directly opposite the square in Clarendon Street is an accessible toilet.

Cumberland Castlemaine

Generally a well designed old country pub with plenty of manoeuvring room and gentle slopes to the ramps. The dining area has moveable seating and ramps link all areas of the hotel. A private room is also available for groups with ramped access.

The Cumberland Hotel has a high level of accessibility. Level access entry is via Lyttleton Street, under the awning. 

From the main entrance, there is access to the TAB on the left and the gaming room to the right.

At the end of the bar in the gaming room, there is ramped access to the Bistro and Main Bar.

Accessible toilets are located at the rear of the gaming room.

Outdoor smokers area also accessible from the gaming room.

There is a low countertop in the bistro.

There is wide double door access to the children’s play area

Dietary requirements catered for on request.

The Bull and Mouth – Maryborough

The Bull and Mouth is located in the centre of the township.

Disability parking is available just across the road in Nolan St, or behind the building in Clarendon St.

There are two accessible entrances to the hotel. One into the main bistro area of High St and a second into the back of the bistro from the car park at the rear of the building of Clarendon St.

The bistro is well laid out giving a large selection of seating options for all group sizes. The counter has easy access and all meals are brought to the table. The menu caters for all dietary requirements. The bistro is linked to the lounge area by a short internal ramp with handrails.  There are two accessible toilets. One is at the rear of the bistro and a second down the corridor opposite the lift at the top of the ramp.

Dunolly Historic Precinct

During the gold rush of the 1850s and 60s, more gold nuggets were discovered in Dunolly and the surrounding district than anywhere else in Australia. The allure of gold still brings prospectors from far and wide trying to find their fortune.

Today, Dunolly’s attractive main street, Broadway, is lined with kurrajongs and gold rush architecture.

The township has a great variety of historic buildings but the old courthouse is a must see. The front entrance is stepped, but there is ramped access around the side of the building. Inside all of the doorways are wide giving access to the main chamber, judges room and clerks office.

At the back of the site are the old stables. They are reached across the lawn area behind the courthouse. The stable doors are wide giving good access to the interior.

Dunolly Bakery

If you are looking for a great lunch stop then you cant go past the Dunolly Bakery located in the main street.

Disabled parking is available in the street and there are well-defined crossing and curb cuts along the length of the historic town. Entry to the bakery is via a wide level entry door. The store is split level between the counter and café area which is ramped with handrails. At the rear of the café is a large accessible toilet.

The display cabinets have good visibility and there is a lower countertop near the cash register.

The café is spacious with good circulation space and the chairs are all movement giving a variety of seating options.