BUDA Historic Home and Garden. Castlemaine

BUDA is a historic house and garden from the gold rush era of Castlemaine.

Parking is available directly outside the fence line and relatively level and constructed of fine crushed rock. Entry to the house is via the small gateway.

In front of the house is a wide veranda. A 75mm step is required to get onto the veranda and a further step of the same height to gain entry into the house hallway. Off the hallway are a series of display rooms. Each room has a wide doorway. The content of the rooms is protected by barriers. The full content of each room is fully visible from the door.

At the end of the hall is a room that is traversed across the main lounge/piano room. There is a full step drop to enter this room.

The tour of the house then follows the sunroom and finally another formal lounge. There is a further 75mm step to negotiate.

The garden is accessed by following the house around. The garden paths are all well compacted fine gravel. The garden slopes away quite steeply immediately behind the house. There is a map available the clearly shows the steep sections of the garden and the paths that contain steps. The upper areas of the garden are easy to navigate right around to the tea room.

An accessible toilet is located within the tearoom. It should be noted that this may not be available if there is a private function in the room. The nearest accessible toilet facilities are at the Castlemaine Botanical Gardens at either of the two car parks in Downes Street.

Steps restrict access between the house and nursery at the front. Accessible access can be found by exiting the property through the main gate and re-entering through the double gates.

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