Simply Tomatoes and Aussie Quilts – Boort

Simply Tomatoes farm is at Boort in Northern Victoria. Their green tomatoes are handpicked, pickled, then finished in extra virgin olive oil, herbs and garlic. But that’s not all they do. So if you want to know what you get when you combine woolly sheep with green tomatoes? Well jump in the car and visit Simply Tomatoes to find out!

They also manufacture Aussie Wool Quilts, 100% natural wool bedding, and Woolly Warmers – Therapeutic Heat / Cold pads.

he main parking area is located at the end of the long driveway opposite the homestead. The parking area is on a hard packed fine gravel apron.

Entry is through the double gates onto a gently sloping smooth brick paved pathway. The accessible door into the main lounge is to the right at the end of the path. The side door is wide with level entry.

The lounge area is both a lounge and dining area and is where the presentations are given on the history of the farm and green tomatoes product tastings. Tea and coffee are available all day.

A ramp next to the pool leads up to the quilt making demonstration area. The table is low making viewing easy for children and wheelchair users. An accessible toilet is available at the back of the demonstration area.

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