Spanner man Sculpture Park. Boort

Displayed in John and Sonia Piccoli’s country garden are over 25 unique life size and larger than life sculptures, including an iconic shearer, a family of deer, a pair of fighting stallions, a mallee bull, intricate garden seats and many more. John makes the sculptures by welding together antique through to modern day spanners. The tallest sculpture, “ The Marlin”, is over 7 m tall, weighs 1200 kgs and is made from 3500 spanners.

On arrival follow the driveway to the back of the house. There is ample level parking on a fine hard packed gravel apron. 

Entry is next to the garage on a concrete and paved path. At the back of the house is a concrete picnic area under cover where coffee is provided.

A concrete path leads to the extensive aviaries.

The sculpture garden is at the front of the house. All of the sculptures are accessible via an open lawn area. The surface of the lawn is smooth and the underlying surface is very hard packed.

All sculptures are accessible and touchable making it a good option for people with visual impairments as a sensory experience.

A fully accessible bathroom is available next to the picnic area at the back of the house.

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