Creswick Woolen Mills

Creswick Woolen Mills is an award-winning family owned spinning mill in Creswick. Visitors can take a tour through the mill, shop in the retail outlet and feed Alpacas in the adjacent farm area.

The entire mill building is flat on a concrete floor. All of the corridors on the mill tour are wide and easy to navigate. The displays are both written and visual with imagery telling the story of the mill and the spinning processes. The fonts are large and are in both English and Mandarin. The tour is also sensory involving touching the wool through its various stages of production. All of the displays are at 1 metre or less. Broad mesh fencing gives a good view of the equipment regardless of eye height.

The retail area is well laid out with multiple level displays. There are change rooms, however, none are large enough to accommodate a wheelchair.

An accessible toilet with side and rear grab rails and a padded backrest is located off the main entrance to the building.

A cafe is located in the retail area with ample space and movable furniture.

Outside is the animal feeding area providing an up close and personal interaction with the Alpacas. Ramps take a visitor down the pens which have a concrete access path.

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