Eureka Centre

The Eureka Centre is situated on the historic site of the 1854 Eureka Stockade and is surrounded by the scenic Eureka Stockade Memorial Gardens. It is the home of the original Eureka Flag.

There is designated accessible parking in the main car park opposite the centre. A gently sloping concrete path leads to the centre. Entry to the foyer is through a wide self-opening door.

A ramp just beyond the reception and gift leads to the lower level.

The centre has a 140 seat theatre. The rear of the theatre can be accessed from the upper level opposite reception. Inside there is a large area for wheelchair users. The lower level gives access to the front of the theatre. Four seats either side of the theatre in the front row are removable to allow for wheelchair seating, as well as a large flat area in front of the first row of seats. The theatre is equipped with hearing augmentation.

The displays are well laid out with generous circulation space throughout the museum. The surface is a hard short nap carpet. The displays are a combination of written photographic and interactive electronic. The Eureka Flag is housed in a darkened room with bench seating along the back wall.

The centre has a cafe. It has good circulation space and movable furniture. A second ramp leads back to the upper level and the rear of the gift shop. The gift shop also has good circulation space and merchandise displays within easy reach.

There is an accessible toilet on the upper level opposite reception. It has side and rear grab rails and a padded backrest. The basin has a lever mixer tap and a large mirror.

Comment: It is a long distance from the disabled parking to the front door. Future consideration should be given to create a closer parking space.

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