Cowes foreshore

Cowes Foreshore and Jetty

The Cowes Jetty is reach via a gently sloping ramp from the Esplanade. The easiest path is via the information building and bait sales. Just below where the two paths meet there is a zip zag path that avoids the steepest section of the main path to the jetty.

At the head of the jetty is a kiosk. It has a wide level doorway and access to an outdoor eating area overlooking the bay and the beach.

Opposite the kiosk pavilion is a new beach access ramp. The ramp is designed for wheelchair users and parents with prams. The concrete ramp leads from the jetty directly onto the hard sand. The beach is gently sloping and well protected.

The surface of the jetty is concrete making it a smooth surface to the end. Handrails are provided on the western side of the jetty. The jetty is suitable for wheelchair users and those using mobility aids. The lower landings of the jetty have stair access only.

The foreshore park contains accessible picnic tables and an accessible toilet, which is located under the observation deck.

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