Comfort Resort Kaloha Phillip Island

Kaloha is located on the corner of Steele and Chapel Streets, Cowes. The resort offers beach frontage in a quiet location. The resort is less than a 5 minute walk to shops, cafes and restaurants.

The reception is located just inside the main entry. There are four steps to the reception building limiting accessibility to full-time wheelchair users without someone accompanying them. Reception staff will meet guests at the room with prior notice or a phone call to the resort on arrival.

Kaloha has one accessible two bedroom apartment with kitchenette. It is apartment 8. There is a designated park outside the door, however, it is a standard size bay. A larger bay is available adjacent to the stairs that can be made available by prior request for wheelchair users. The entry to the apartment has a 75mm high step. The door is 860mm wide.

Inside the apartment, there is the main living-dining area with the two bedrooms on the right hand side. Both bedrooms had wide doorways with ample room in front of the bed.

Space is limited at the side of the beds.

The bathroom is a full wet room with handrails for both the toilet and shower. The handrail extends across the full back wall. The shower features a detachable shower head. The vanity unit is a solid unit with no rollunder space. A portable shower chair is available.

Space is the living area is tight and is the entry to the bathroom. Furniture would need to be repositioned to allow for wheelchair access to the bathroom and the rear bedroom.

Both the swimming pool and the restaurant have stairs at their respective entries.

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