Koala Conservation centre

Koala Conservation Centre Phillip Island

The Koala Conservation Centre offers visitors a chance to have a face to face encounter with arguably Australia’s most loved animal. The unique tree top board walks are fully wheelchair accessible offering an inclusive experience.
Unlike a Zoo, the Koala Conservation Centre offers visitors a chance to see these lovable creatures in their natural environment. The centre has played a crucial role in saving the population of Koalas on Phillip Island.
The Visitors Centre is equipped with a cafe with accessible seating, disabled toilet facilities and an interpretative centre that will allow the visitor to leave with a full appreciation of this magnificent little creature.

Accessibility Features

Visitors Centre
The visitors centre is accessed from the five disabled parking places in the carpark via a wide and smooth path. Both the carpark and access path are gravel. The surface is smooth and the stones hard packed and fine. The centre is entered via a ramp with a 1 in 14 gradient equipped with handrails on both sides. The entrance door is wide and self opening. The centre houses a gift shop, cafe, disabled toilet facilities and an excellent interpretive centre. Inside the centre the floors are level and hard surfaced. The furniture in the cafe is movable as is the outdoor eating area furniture. The longer tables have roll under ends to cater for a wheelchair. The interpretative centre is spacious allowing easy wheelchair access. All displays are readable from wheelchair height.

Koala Boardwalk
The highlight of a visit to Koala Conservation Centre are the boardwalks that are fully accessible and allow a view of the Koalas at their level in the trees. The park is entered from the interpretive centre through a self opening door and another 1 in 14 ramp. The paths within the park are again a gravel surface. The paths are smooth and a moderate gradient. The two boardwalks are a short roll from the visitors centre. They are entered through a pair of gates that are very lightly loaded. The Koala Boardwalk lives up to its name with an abundance of Koalas on view giving some remarkable photo opportunities. The boardwalks are wide as are the observation areas allowing easy access to wheelchairs.

Woodland Boardwalk
The Woodland Boardwalk also affords good opportunity to see Koalas but is alive with native bird life. Like the Koala Boardwalk it is wide and easily navigated with a wheelchair.

Woodland Walk
In additional to the two boardwalks the Woodland Walk wanders through the natural bush at ground level. This path is a gravel surface, is smooth and of very moderate grade. Taking your time around this path offers the opportunity to spot a large variety of Australian native wildlife including wallabies, possums, echidnas and over 100 native birds.

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