North Pier Hotel

North Pier Hotel

The North Pier Hotel is situated on the Esplanade in Cowes overlooking Western Port Bay. The hotel offers both accommodation and dining.

Access is via a ramp leading off the Esplanade that leads onto the outside deck.


Dining is available in three sections: The outside deck area, sports bar and a family bistro. Seating on the deck allows for wheelchair users with open-ended tables. The bistro is situated along the front of the building inside large sliding doors and full length windows. The bistro is well laid out providing ample room to get to the serving counter or to seating. The tables are all a low type design with movable furniture.

The sports bar is on the left side of the building adjacent to the main bar. Seating within the sports bar is all high top tables making it less suitable for wheelchair users or the elderly.

An accessible toilet is located at the far end of the bistro. It is a large room with side handrails for the toilet, a hand basin with knee clearance under it, lever action taps and a baby change facility.


The North Pier Hotel has one accessible room. It is a large multi-purpose room with a queen bed and two sets of bunks. It is on the ground floor with views over Westernport Bay. The bathroom is a full wet room. The shower has a sliding and detachable shower head, a fold-down seat and handrails. The toilet has a side handrail. The room also has a large wheelchair accessible work space/desk. The entry door to the room is 810mm.

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