National Vietnam Veterans Museum

National Vietnam Veterans Museum

The National Vietnam Veterans Museum is an independent Australian museum dedicated to the heritage and legacy of Vietnam veterans. It is located at Newhaven on Phillip Island.

A designated disabled parking space is located on the asphalt road at the side of the building, immediately adjacent to the exit sign. A concrete footpath leads to the front of the building. Entry is through a wide door with level access from the footpath.

Inside the entry is the ticket counter and cafe. An accessible toilet is located within the cafe. The toilet has handrails at the back and side. The hand basin is a bench with knee clearance under it. The taps are twin star style tap fittings.

Inside the museum the floor is painted concrete making it easy to navigate for people using all forms of mobility device. The main body of the museum, is open with plenty of room to navigate the major displays even when the museum is busy. The central section houses the major equipment displays. Signage is all below 1.2 metres making it readable by people of all heights including children and wheelchair users.

Around the outside of the main display areas are galleries. The galleries are wide and the displays rely heavily on photographic and video technology making the stories easy to interpret.

A function area is located at the rear of the museum. The floor is level and the room can be configured as required. The museum also has a mezzanine which is accessed by stairs or an elevator located on the western side of the building.

A caribou aircraft is displayed outside the museum. The pathways are a fine packed hard gravel. Access to the aircraft is by the rear ramp when the exhibit is open.

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