Phillip Island Chocolate Factory

The Phillip Island Chocolate Factory is located on Phillip Island Road Newhaven.

There 4 four designated disabled parking spaces. Entry to the factory is level and wide through self opening doors. An accessible toilet is located immediately to the left of the entry. It has side and rear hand rails and ample transfer space beside the toilet. The had basin has a single lever mixer control.

The ticket booth is to the right of the entry where factory tour packages can be purchased.

The factory tour is flat throughout on a hard surfaced floor. All displays are easily visible by people of all heights including children and wheelchair users. The activation buttons for the displays are large and easily operated by people with limited hand or control. The passage ways are all wide and the displays rooms are large making navigation easy even during busy periods.

The cafe is open with moveable furniture making it suitable for people of all abilities.

The gift shop is spacious with the merchandise easy reachable by people of all heights.

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