Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit

The Phillip Island Grand Prix circuit is located on Back Beach Road. It is the home of the Australian MotoGP.

Visitors Centre

The visitor’s centre can be reached by following the road from Gate 1. Two designated disabled parking bays are located next to the building entry on the left hand side.

Entry to the visitor’s centre is through self opening sliding doors. At the end of the entry passage is an accessible toilet on the left hand side with a side handrail. The hand basin has knee

clearance and is operated by a lever mixer tap. The room contains a baby change table.

Inside the vistor’s centre is a cafe, merchandising shop, the history of motorsport museum, simulated race game and the slot car circuit. The lower level of the cafe is accessible, however, the main level and servery is up a flight of stairs. The cafe offers table service. Access to the upper level can be gained via the garden if required.

The museum is well laid out and easy to navigate for those using mobility aids. The displays are visual with photographic displays depicting the history of the circuit.

The simulated race game is built on a low platform. The racing pods can be moved to facilitate transfers by people with a disability. The centre caters for those on the autism spectrum with quiet periods where the sounds of racing are turned down.

From the back of the visitor’s centre there is a path through the water garden that leads to the track viewing area. A wooden ramp leads from the building to a gravel path. The path from the building to the top of the hill is quite steep and would be difficult to navigate by slow walkers or those using manual mobility devices.

Go Karts

Access to the go kart track is from the front of the building. It is a gently sloping fine packed gravel path. A gravel ramp leads down to the building. An accessible toilet facility is located halfway down the access path.

Within the main building the doors are 750mm wide. There are two seat go karts available to cater for people with a disability. At this stage there are no go karts with hand controls.

Track Events

For track events the circuit provides a number of options for patron with a disability. There is a designated viewing area, (platform for major events) opposite the garages in pit lane. There is an accessible toilet facility provided adjacent to the viewing area.

There is a second viewing area on top of the pit garages with sections for people with a disability with glass observation windows. The roof gives a view of the entire circuit and paddock. The paddock is serviced with a cafe and an accessible toilet located at the side of the cafe. The roof observation area is serviced with an elevator at the southern end of the building. The garage building serves and a corporate event venue. The main corporate area is on the first floor which is serviced by the same elevator. The space is large and linked with an external wide veranda. There are no accessible toilets within the corporate space.

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