Phillip Island RSL

The Phillip Island RSL is located in Thompson Avenue Cowes.

Accessible parking is available at the front and side of the building. Access to the club is through double width self-opening doors. Entry from the car park into the building is level.

The main dining space is the Lone Pine Bistro located to the left of the entry foyer. The room has a spacious layout suitable for all form of mobility devices and parents with prams. The furniture can be easily moved to cater for wheelchair users. The room is well lit. The bar and bistro service counter heights are low with generous space in front of them.

The Club also boasts a sports bar, the Kittyhawk Room. The room has ample maneuvering room and a mixture of high and low top tables.

The club has a large gaming room that is again well laid out with ample room for users of all forms of mobility devices.

There are two accessible toilets in the club, one located between the Kittyhawk room and the gaming room and the other behind the Lone Pine Bistro. Both have side and rear handrails and offset flush buttons.

The club offers patrons the use of wheelchairs and mobility frames for the duration of their stay. They are located behind the reception desk in the main foyer.

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