Quicksilver Tours offer an accessible reef experience. The Quicksilver VIII is a full roll-on vessel equipped with an accessible toilet on-board. Ramps give access to the vessel both in Port Douglas and on the Agincourt 3 platform. The Agincourt 3 Outer Barrier Reef platform is equipped with a lift to lower visitors into the snorkel pool. A transfer is required from a wheelchair to the lift seat. The platform has ramped access to both levels. Optical prescription goggles are available must be booked in advance.

The Quicksilver VIII and Agincourt 3 combination is the only accessible option for an outer reef experience. It is important to book in advance to ensure both are available. Periodically both the platform and catamaran are withdrawn from service for inspections and maintenance. Weather may also mean a particular day is canceled. It should also be noted that the only accessible toilets available for the duration of the trip is the one on the catamaran. There are no toilets facilities on the platform. The catamaran  remains docked for the duration of the visit. The toilet is narrow. It is equipped with side bars only but there is no wheelchair room beside the toilet. Access to the underwater observatory is stairs only and is access to the semi submersibles.