Located in Port Douglas, a short one hour drive North of Cairns City, the Rainforest Habitat Wildlife Sanctuary is the ideal location for an exotic and intimate nature experience. The park is divided into three distinctive and unique Australian environments—the wetlands, the grasslands, and the rainforest. In wetlands, you can see pelicans or the Jabiru, a gigantic water bird that dances, in rainforests, you can see the Boyd’s Forest Dragon, and in grasslands, you can see eastern grey kangaroos. Disabled parking is provided immediately in front of the entrance. The car park is asphalt with level entry into the reception area. The paths and boardwalks are wheelchair accessible. Accessible toilets facilities are located within the park. The Stork Tower, the Birdseye Bridge, Predator Plank and the Swim With The Salties experience are not wheelchair accessible. Wheelchairs are available from reception at no charge.

The paths through the park are either fine crushed hard packed gravel, wooden boardwalk, or concrete. There is seating at regular intervals. There are “airlocks” between each section of the park to keep animals in their respective areas. The gates are light to open and there is plenty of room between gates for wheelchairs, prams and pushers.