At the end of the Jetty next to the Cairns Sailing Club is the Salt House with spectacular views over both Trinty inlet and the Harbour.

The Salt House has a Bar, Restaurant, and a Pizzeria. Ramped access is provided and the space is well laid out and easy to manoeuvre through. The tables are a mix of bar height hightops at the main bar and low coffee table height tables through the rest of the bar space. There is one large traditional table but it lacks knee clearance. The coffee tables are too low for people needing their glasses at a height they drink from a straw. The restaurant has a tradition dining table layout with ample manoeuvring space. All chairs are movable giving a choice of dining options. The Pizzeria has bench seating around the edge of the space with movable chairs on the opposite side of the tables. There is ample knee clearance for wheelchair users.