Pre-arrival, Arrival and Reception

QuestionActionAccessibility Guide
Does your advertising material, web sites and social media contain information relating to phone numbers available for non-voice communication e: Text, SMS, email and fax?YES/NOInformation should be included in the “contact” section of your web site
Do you have documents in plain English for people with cognitive impairment? (This may include instructions, guides, menus and general information)YES/NOInclude a link to these documents in your access guide
Do you have a “social script” guide to your premises or attraction describing the sights, sounds and smells to aid parents/carers prepare visitors in advance?

A social script is a plain English document with images that explains the sight and sounds of your business. It is designed to reduce anxiety of potential visitors. Making it editable allows the users to tailor it to their particular needs. It is important to include photographs and even a video if areas are particularly noisey. Images of staff in uniform helps reduce anxiety when patrons are approached by staff.

YES/NOInclude a download link to your social script from the accessibility guide page of your web site
Is the social script available in word or other editable formats?YES/NO
Do you have quiet periods or early opening times for people on the Autism SpectrumYES/NONote the opening hours in the accessibility guides. If there are normally quiet periods note those in the accessibility guide
Do you have a quiet space for parents and children on the Autism Spectrum?YES/NOWe have a quiet space available
Is your web site and booking information compatible with screen readers?YES/NO
Where access is via intercom or phone is there an alternative procedure and clear written instructions and universal access symbolsYES/NOAlternative procedures should be noted both in the accessibility guide and in the opening hours section of your web site
Is there seating available at reception?YES/NO
Is there a lower counter at reception/ticket office?YES/NO
Is there a clip board to allow check-in/ticket purchase while seated?YES/NOList all of the services you offer to aid check-in
Do you have a walking stick holder on your reception counter?YES/NO
Do you have a tablet with text to voice or pen and paper available at reception to aid with communication?YES/NO
Do you have a picture boards available at reception to aid with communication?YES/NO
Is a hearing loop fitted to the reception area?YES/NO
Is the lighting in the reception even and glare free to aid lip readers?YES/NO
Do you offer large print information sheets and registration forms?YES/NO
Is information and a map available in a written format?YES/NO
Do you offer a facility map and information in Braille?YES/NO
Is there a step free map or guide?YES/NO
Do you offer guests a familiarisation tour?YES/NO
Are quests given a key to any accessible facilities that are locked?YES/NO
Are keys available for each guest?

Note: a guest with hearing impairment may not hear someone knocking at the door and a patron with a mobility impairment may not be in a position to open the door

Are quests with a disability noted in the guest log for emergency evacuation purposesYES/NO
Do you explain the emergency evacuation procedures on arrival?YES/NO
Are guests offered assistance with luggage?YES/NO
What accommodations have been made to ensure that people with fatigue related to their disability are not disadvantaged by long wait times?YES/NOWe offer the following services to reduce wait times. Note: outline if these services need to be pre-booked or are available at a service desk on arrival

Car parking and paths of access

QuestionActionAccessibility Guide
Is a drop-off zone provided?YES/NOPhoto required
Are designated disabled parking bays provided?YES/NOPhoto required
Is there level or ramped access from the car park to the entrance?YES/NO
Is the accessible entrance clearly signed from the parking bay?YES/NO
Do you provide details of the accessibility of the closest train stations and of the closest bus or tram stops?YES/NOPublic transport options that are accessible should be listed in the “getting here” section of your web site and referenced from the accessibility guide
Are kerb ramps in place if a pavement or walkway needs to be crossed?YES/NO
Is there an intercom system at the entrance of the car park?YES/NO
What modifications have been put in place to ensure that a person with a hearing impairment or reduced limb movement is not disadvantaged in using the system?List the procedures
Are instructions on how to use the system in Plain English and accompanied by Universal design standard pictures?YES/NO


QuestionActionAccessibility Guide
Is the path of access to the building slip resistant and even?YES/NO
Is the path of access to the building clear of obstructions?YES/NO
Are entry doors self opening or fitted with a self closer? (Half open doors can present a hazard to a person with a visual impairment)YES/NOImage of the entrance. Should include the access ramp if the entrance is not level entry
Are all glass doors fitted with a visual sighting strip?YES/NO
Are the door jams/doors of a contrasting colour to the surrounding walls?YES/NO
Are the door handles of a contrasting colour to the door?YES/NO
Is all signage written in a contrasting colour?YES/NO
Is all signage written in a Sans Serif font and use upper and lower case letters?YES/NO
Is the entry door a minimum of 850mm?YES/NO if not what is the actual width ______mmNote the actual door width
Is the entry door have self opening or have a light opening pressure if manually operated?YES/NO
Is the entrance sill less than 13mm?YES/NO if not what is the actual height? _____mmNote the actual height of the sill or step
Do entrance door mats have a thickness less than 13mm and with of 750mm or greater

Note: 13mm is the maximum many wheelchairs can negotiate with small front castors or power chairs with a central set of drive wheels. Mats should not have holes or gaps in them greater than 13mm as they may pose a danger to users of walking sticks and frames. wedge shaped mats are available if the door sill is greater than 13mm



QuestionActionAccessibility Guide
Does your premises have a lift(s)YES/NO
How many lifts do your haveNumber _____
Lift locationDescriptionInclude lifts on any floor plan diagram
Is the lift available to all public floors?YES/NO
Does your lift contain a visual method of identifying the floor level?YES/NO
Do you have a breakdown procedure for lifts containing guests with a hearing impairment?YES/NO
Do the emergency procedures within the lift have an SMS contact number?YES/NO
Do the lift doors contrast with the surrounding wall finishes?YES/NO
Do the lift call buttons contrast with the surrounding wall finishes?YES/NO
Do the lift floor buttons have large print numbers?YES/NO
Do the lift buttons have braille floor numbers?YES/NO
Does the lift have audio floor announcements?YES/NO
Does the lift have an easily identifiable/tactile emergency button?YES/NO
Is there an external tactile or braille floor indicator near the lift call button?

This can either be a braille number or a raised floor number

Do the doors open to a clear span of 850mm?YES/NO if not what is the actual width? ____mmInclude the actual width of the lift doors
Is the minimum size of the lift 1100mm wide by 1400mm deep?YES/NO If not what are the actual dimensions Width ______mm
Depth ______mm
Are the control button heights between 900mm and 1200mm?YES/NO
Is there a handrail of a minimum length of 600mm?YES/NO

Interior Spaces

QuestionActionAccessibility Guide
Are there clear and unobstructed routes through and between all buildings?YES/NO
Are interior walls matte or low sheen?YES/NO
Are floors, walls, counters and furniture of contrasting colours?YES/NO
Are any protruding or overhanging obstructions at least 2 metres above the floor or are protected?YES/NO
Are menus available in large print or Braille?YES/NO
Does tableware/glassware contrast with the table surface or table cloth?YES/NO
Are floor surfaces hard or short pile carpet?YES/NO
Is seating available for guests unable to stand for long periods?YES/NO
Are accessible facilities clearly signed and visible from all areas?YES/NO
Are all corridors greater than 900mm?YES/NO
Do you have a quiet space for parents and children on the Autism Spectrum?YES/NOProvide and image and description of the parents/quiet room including the facilities and equipment provided provided

Public Areas

QuestionActionAccessibility Guide
Where display units, Televisions, Video displays etc. are provided are they open captioned?YES/NO
Do you have hearing loops?YES/NO
Where hearing loops are provided are there symbols displayed?YES/NO
Are there areas or even lighting for guests who are lip reading?YES/NO
Is seating provided in public areas?YES/NO

Displays, exhibits, commentary and live performances

QuestionActionAccessibility Guide
Do you have any displays, exhibits, tour commentary or live performances?YES/NOInclude a statement outlining wheelchair seating and audio augmentation available
Is seating available?YES/NO
Is wheelchair accessible spaces/seating availableYES/NO
Where audio description is provided i.e. display commentary, tour commentary, is a written transcript available?YES/NO
Are hearing loops used for live shows and presentations?YES/NO

External paths of travel

Question ActionAccessibility Guide
Are pathway surfaces concrete, asphalt, smooth paving or hard packed fine gravel (max aggregate size 13mm)

A good test of a hard packed gravel surface is to ride a push bike over it. If it doesn’t leave an imprint it is hard packed.

YES/NOA site map outlining the step free routes should be provided
Do paths or slopes longer than 15 metres have resting places or seats?YES/NO
Are pathways wider than 900mm?YES/NO
Are there 3 successive steps or less on any path or at any doorway?YES/NO
Are any paths having steps clearly identified as non-wheelchair accessible?YES/NO
Are step free routes clearly signed?YES/NO


QuestionActionAccessibility Guide
Are the top and bottom steps easily distinguished through colour contrast or the use of TGSIs (Tactile Ground Surface Indicators)YES/NOA photo of each set of stairs should be included in your accessibility guide
Do all steps or staircases have enclosed risers?YES/NO
Is the underside of all staircases enclosed or protected to a height of at least 2 metres?YES/NO
Are handrails fitted to all open sets of steps?YES/NO
Do the handrails extend 300mm beyond the top and bottom step?YES/NO
If steps are present are there three steps or less?YES/NO


QuestionActionAccessibility Guide
Are all fixed ramps 1:14 or less?YES/NOA photo of all ramps should be included in your accessibility guide. Where a temporary ramp is used an image of it should also be included and how it is pre-booked
Are hand rails fitted?YES/NO
Are long ramps (more than 10m) 1:20 or less?YES/NO
If a temporary ramp is used is it in place for the duration of the guests stay?YES/NO
Do your ramps have a raised edge of at least 100mm?YES/NO

Public Toilets/Adult change facilities

QuestionActionAccessibility Guide
Do you have an accessible toilet for the public?YES/NOIncludes images of the bathroom in your accessibility guide. The pictures should should the toilet and its handrails, the basin and a wide shot of the room
Is the door at least 850mm wide?YES/NO
What is the actual width of the door if greater than 700mm____mmNote the actual door width if less than 850mm
Is there a minimum of 850mm beside the toilet?YES/NO if not what is the actual space ____mmNote the actual space beside the toilet
Are handrails fitted?YES/NO
Is there a minimum of 1400mm of clear space in front of the toilet?YES/NO if not what is the actual space ____mmNote the actual space available
Does the toilet have raised flush buttons?YES/NO
Does the hand basin have lever taps or mixer tap?YES/NO
Is there a shelf or counter top next to the basin?YES/NO
Is the toilet seat of a contrasting colour to the floor?YES/NO
Is the toilet seat 460mm above the floor?YES/NO if not what is the actual height of the seat above the floor ____mmNote the actual height
Do you have a registered changing places facility?YES/NO
Where is the nearest changing place or adult change facility?

This is more than an accessible bathroom, includes full-sized change table and hoist In NSW the alternative is a Lift and Change Facility

Do have a facility with an adult change table?YES/NO
Is there a ceiling or portable hoist available?YES/NO
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