QuestionActionAccessibility Guide
How many rooms are available for guests who use a wheelchair?Number and configuration including whether they have an adjoining roomNumber and configuration including whether they have an adjoining room

Images showing the room and space around the bed, any desks or tables and any doors to balconies if applicable

Can the bedroom furniture be re-arranged, if requested by the guest?YES/NO
Can you accommodate hospital beds if requested and supplied by guests?YES/NOIndicate that you can accommodate a hospital bed and the procedures for having it delivered and collected
Which types of beds are available in rooms for wheelchair users?Tick all applicableIndicate the various bedding configurations you offer in accessible rooms
One double/queen bed/king bed
One single bed
Two single beds
Two double/queen
One double/queen and one single
Other (Please describe)
Does the wardrobe have a lower hanging rail?YES/NO
Is there a visual alarm fitted to the room?YES/NO
If No detail your emergency procedures to ensure the safe evacuation of guests with a hearing impairment
Are televisions equipped with closed captioning capability?YES/NO
Are vibrating alarm clocks available?YES/NO
Are the room phones hearing loop compatible?YES/NO
Do the room phones have volume control?YES/NO
Have your room phones got a visual ringing indicator?YES/NO
Are the room phones capable of sending and receiving an SMS?YES/NO
Is there contrast between the walls, skirtings, floor and furniture?YES/NO
Is there a clear path through the roomYES/NO
Are the edges of all furniture and fixtures rounded?YES/NO
Are wardrobe handles of a contrasting colour to the doors and draws?YES/NO
Do your housekeeping procedures instruct staff not to reposition furniture that has been moved?YES/NO
Do doors open fully against the adjoining wall?YES/NO
Is there clear opening at least 850mm wide?YES/NO
If above 700mm what is the actual opening?Actual width? ____mm
Are there luggage racks for at least two suitcases?YES/NO
Is there at least one chair with rigid arms?YES/NO
Are wardrobe and drawer handles easy to grip?YES/NO
Is the bedside lamp switch easy to reach from the bed?YES/NO
Is there at least 850mm clear space beside the bed?YES/NO
Is the bed height no higher than 680mm from the floor?YES/NO
Is there at least 130mm clearance under the bed?YES/NO
Are blocks available to put under the bed legs?YES/NO
Do you offer a range of non-allergenic bedding?YES/NO
Do you use non-allergenic cleaning products?YES/NO


QuestionActionAccessibility Guide
Are all heating appliances and hot water pipes protected or insulated?YES/NOImages of toilet showing the position of the grab rails, space beside and in front of the toilet
Images of the shower with either a portable shower chair in position, or if equipped with a fixed shower seat, the seat in the down position showing the relation to the grab bars and the shower controls
Image of the vanity
Image of the whole room showing the space available

The bathroom is a key element for accessibility and the following should be noted in your accessibility guide:
All measurements listed in this section
The type of shower seat provided
Whether any other equipment is available eg commode chair. portable hoist, ceiling hoist. A layout diagram is a useful addition to the accessibility guide

Are all shower, bath and basin taps able to be clearly differentiated between hot and cold?YES/NO
Do all fixtures and fittings have rounded edges?YES/NO
Is the hot water thermostatically controlled to 41 degrees?YES/NO
Is the door at least 850mm wide?YES/NO
What is the actual width of the door if greater than 700mmWidth ____mmNote the actual width
Is there a minimum of 850mm beside the toilet?YES/NO
What is the actual width if greater than 700mmWidth ____mmNote the actual width
Are handrails fitted?YES/NO
Is there a minimum of 1400mm of clear space in front of the toilet?YES/NO If not what is the actual clear space ____mmNote the actual clear space
Is the toilet seat of a contrasting colour to the floor?YES/NO
Is the toilet seat 460mm above the floor?YES/NO
What is the actual height of the toilet seat?Height ____mmNote the actual height
Do you offer a range of non-allergenic toiletriesYES/NO
Is there a roll-in shower with fold down fixed seat or a shower chair?YES/NO
Is there a portable shower head on flexible hose?

Note: If the shower head is height adjustable it should be set at the lowest height prior to guest arrival

Is a door fitted to the shower?YES/NO
Is it outward opening with a minimum width of 900 mmYES/NO If not what is the actual width ____mm
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