QuestionActionAccessibility Guide
Do you allow guide and service dogs into your park?YES/NOA park map is recommended. Where a display requires a guest to negotiate steps the map should notate the number of steps required
A step free route should be clearly marked. Refer to the paths and trails section and include references where gradients exceed the recommended maximums

Images required:
Parking and access route to entry
General images of park layout showing access routes
Images of each major display clearly showing entry and boarding
Accessible toilets
Café, dining or picnic areas

Describe the extend that service animals are permitted and the limitations within the parkYES/NO
Do you provide a secure area with shade and water for service dogs?YES/NO
Do you provide a guide for patrons who are blind or vision impaired?YES/NO
Do your displays have glass or mesh viewing panels for children or people seated in wheelchairs?YES/NO
Is signage positioned between 800mm and 1200mm above the ground?YES/NO
Is signage in a font larger than 18 point?YES/NO
Does your signage and information provide pictorial information?YES/NO
Are any alternative information sources available e.g. audio, braille, written guides?YES/NO
Is seating provided at regular intervals?YES/NO
Do aviaries and other enclosures provide level access?YES/NO
Do airlocks provide sufficient room for a wheelchair between doors?YES/NO
Do you operate a tour vehicle?YES/NO
Does it have a wheelchair lift or ramp?YES/NO
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