QuestionActionAccessibility Guide
Does your entrance provide level access?YES/NOImage of the whole room showing table layout
Image of the servery and ordering desk if applicable
Images of bar area

If a menu is available online it helps people with a cognitive disability or people with Autism decide in advance what are going to order. If large print or simple English versions are available have them available for download

Is your doorway at least 850mm wide?YES/NO if not note the actual width. If the accessible entrance is not the main entrance note where the accessible entrance is
Is there a clear path through the restaurant at least 850 mm?YES/NO if not note the actual width.
Is there level access through the dining area?YES/NO
Are chairs moveable to allow for wheelchairs to be seated at the tables?YES/NO
Do you have a hearing loop?YES/NO
Do all glass doors and full height windows have contrast markings?YES/NO
Are there areas of full lighting?YES/NO
Do you have large print menus?YES/NO
Do you have Plain English menus?YES/NO
Do you have an accessible toilet?YES/NOInclude an image of the accessible toilet
Is there an accessible toilet close by that is open during your business hours?YES/NONote where the nearest accessible is
Do you cater for the following dietary requirements?Tick all applicableNote all applicable in the accessibility guide
Sugar free (diabetic)
Gluten free (celiac)
Lactose free (diary free)
Low fat and fibre with no gastric content
Low potassium
Low sodium
Nut free
Additive free
Please detail your procedures to avoid cross-contamination of food productsDescriptionNote that cross contamination procedures are in place
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