QuestionActionAccessibility Guide
Do you operate buses or coaches?YES/NOInclude details on the types of disability catered for
If buses are equipped with a lift state the number of wheelchair passengers that can be catered for.
Describe any audio augmentation available

Images of bus hoist and interior seating space

How many vehicles have wheelchair lifts or ramps?Number ____
How many vehicles are low floor with ramped entry?Number ____
What is the maximum wheelchair capacity available in the fleet?Number ____
Are any of the fleet equipped with hearing loops?YES/NO
Is any commentary available in written format?YES/NO
Are audio visual displays sub titled?YES/NO

Route Planning

QuestionActionAccessibility Guide
Does your tour route planning include stops with accessible toilet facilities?YES/NOInclude the fact that all stops have accessible toilet facilities
Are the stops less than 2 hours apart?YES/NOState the max length of time between stops
Are lunch stops accessible?YES/NO
Are sightseeing and photo op stops step free?YES/NOInclude in the itinerary all accessible sightseeing stops
Do your tours include overnight stops?YES/NOInclude a request form for the type of accommodation guests require.
Are wheelchair accessible rooms included in tour room blocks?YES/NO
What is the maximum number of wheelchair passengers catered for?YES/NO

Walking Tours

QuestionActionAccessibility Guide
Do you include or operate guided walking tours?YES/NOInclude details about the pace and length of any walking tour and whether they include step free routes
Are they operated on a step free route?YES/NO
Are your tours multi-paced to account for slow walkers?YES/NO
Do you use electronic voice augemtation?YES/NO
Is it compatible with hearing aids?YES/NO
Have your guides been trained in any of the following?
Use of clear/simple EnglishYES/NO
Correct pronunciation for lip readersYES/NO
Audio description of surroundingsYES/NO

Marine Tours

QuestionActionAccessibility Guide
Do you tours include marine craft?YES/NODescribe the accessibility of the vessel
Describe the audio augmentation available
Outline the restrictions of wheelchair dimensions if any
Describe the board method and the max slopes and widths of any gangways
State the length of the tour or the length of time between shore stops

Images required
Docks and gang ways
Accessible toilet if equipped

Are they wheelchair accessible?YES/NO
Is an accessible toilet available on board? YES/NO
Is the tour length less than 2 hours or is there less than 2 hours between stops?YES/NO
What are the maximum dimensions and weight of wheelchairs that can carried
Length (cm)____mm
Width (cm)____mm
Height (cm)____mm
Weight (kg)____kg
Do you provide an aisle chair or other means of boarding?YES/NO
What is the width of the gangplank?____mm
Is accessibility tide dependant?
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