QuestionActionAccessibility Guide
Is there step free access throughout the venue?YES/NOList the booking procedures, especially where a group consists of disabled and non-disabled people.
For large events a site map is recommended showing the location of disabled seating, hearing loop areas and step free routes through the site
If ancillary services need to be booked ensure that the booking requirements are listed together, eg internal shuttle transport, parking
List the audio augmentation services provided
Provide a checklist to prompt organisers to provide the services listed in the questions

Images of the venue for venue operators
Images from prior events if it is a regular event
Images of shuttle transport if provided
Parking areas
Toilet facilities
Cafes/picnic facilities

Do reception, registration desks or ticket offices have a lower counter section?YES/NO
Is a hearing loop available at reception, registration desks or ticket offices?YES/NO
Are all ancillary areas step free e.g. breakout rooms, dining areas, outside areas and exhibition spaces?YES/NO
Are all stage areas including speaker platforms accessible?YES/NO
Is a low height lectern available?YES/NO
Are accessible toilets available at the venue?YES/NO
Is there clear signage throughout the venue including accessible routes and accessible facilities?YES/NO
Is wheelchair designated seating provided?YES/NO
Does it cater for a range of seating and viewing options?YES/NO
Does it cater for varying group sizes?YES/NO
Can it be booked from the main web site?YES/NO
Is a hearing loop provided?YES/NO
Is there reserved seating in the loop area?YES/NO
Are speakers/performers instructed to use the microphones?YES/NO
Are all presentations captioned?YES/NO
Is live captioning provided?YES/NO
Is AUSLAN provided?YES/NO
Is audio description available?YES/NO
Do you provide intra venue transport?YES/NO
Is it wheelchair accessible?YES/NO
Does it provide visual indicators of stop off points?YES/NO
Does it provide verbal announcements of drop off points?YES/NO
Is there good circulation space with the number of people expected to allow people with a disability to move around freely?YES/NO
Is food and water available for guide and service animals?YES/NO
Is your event outdoors?YES/NO
Are portable accessible toilets provided?YES/NO
Is a portable adult change facility provided?YES/NO
Is seating provided at regular intervals?YES/NO
Are grassed areas covered with a hard surface?YES/NO
Are side shows, activities etc. accessible?YES/NO
Is accessible car parking available?YES/NO
Are there designated drop-off points?YES/NO
Is there accessible public transport to the venue?YES/NO
Is it detailed in the event information?YES/NO
Is an event map available?YES/NO
Does it show accessible facilities?YES/NO
Does it show accessible public transport points?YES/NO
Is there a step free route shown?YES/NO
Does your event include the use of loud noises, fireworks or strobe lighting?YES/NO
Is there a warning included in your event information?YES/NO
Are quiet rooms, marquees or spaces available?YES/NO
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