Talinguru Nyakunytjaku is the main sunrise viewing area for Uluru. Designated parking is available in both the car and bus parking areas. The car parks are adjacent to the walking trails that lead to the three shelters and two viewing platforms. There are two walking tracks at Talinguru Nyakunytjaku. 

Minymaku walk —Women’s walk

Grade 1 – all access. 1 km return,

30 – 45 minutes. This track has information on woman’s tools, how women collect and process bush food and some games to keep young children occupied. It takes you to the Minymaku viewing platform and shelter. In addition to the shelters there are a number of less crowded good viewing spots along the track.

Watiku walk – Men’s walk

Grade 1 – all access. 1.5 km return,

1 hour. Like the woman’s walk, this track contains information of how men make tools and use fire to hunt and care for the land. The Watiku walk leads to the Watiku platform and another shelter. The walk connects to the Minymaku walk and Minymaku platform. There are a number of less busy viewing vantage points along this walk. Both walks consist of hard packed crushed rock and sections of boardwalk.

Accessible toilets are available at the car park.