Clip N Climb – Phillip Island

Clip N Climb is the newest concept in indoor climbing. It is located at 6-8 Industrial way Cowes. Clip N Climb uses an auto belay system and a special harness making it safe and easy to use by people of all ages. The system can be used by people with limited mobility who have upper body strength.

The walls are of varying ability and there is a children’s learning area. The facility runs quiet sessions for people on the autism spectrum.

In addition to the climbing wall the centre has a cafe on both the lower and upper levels. In terms of accessibility, there is designated disabled parking next to the entrance. An accessible toilet facility is available on the lower level. The room is a very generous size and has a toilet with side and rear handrails as well as a padded backrest. The hand basin has knee clearance and a single lever mixer tap. A lift services the upper observation area.


Bimbadeen is a 340 acre farming property on the Back Beach Road. It operates a farm cafe and store which is open Thursdays to Sunday’s 9am to 3pm.

The car park is a gravel surface that is well compacted. A ramp leads to the cafe and store buildings. The stores and cafe are all accessed through a wide sliding doors with level entry. There are tables on the outdoor veranda that overlooks the farm. The tables have movable seating.

Bassine Specialty Cheeses

Bassine Specialty Cheeses is a small cheese making factory located in Bass. The cheese is made from the milk of their own dairy farm. The small cafe sales building has a designated disabled parking bay on the right hand side of the building giving direct access to the concrete veranda. Entry to the building is through a single sliding door. There is a 13mm sill at floor level. The door is 860mm wide. The small cafe is well laid out and easy to maneuver through. The display cabinets are low and glass fronted. At the back of the cafe is a low glass window to view the operation of the factory and the cheese being hand made. The cafe tables provide good knee clearance and the chairs are movable. Outside at the back of the building are two disabled toilets, one left hand and one right hand transfer. Both have side and rear handrails, padded backrests and a hand basin with lever mixer taps.

A Maze N Things

A Maze N Things

A Maze’N Things is an exciting world of optical illusions, mazes, puzzles and magic. Inside the uniquely designed building, there are Illusions Rooms, a Mirror Maze, the Rotating Room, and a host of other things to enjoy, including the famous LookOut! Slide. Outside there is a mini golf course, high ropes adventure trail and the famous wooden maze.

There is an accessible parking bay immediately to the right of the main entry path. The path to the main door has a slight incline. Entry to the ticket office and cafe is through a wide self opening door.

From an accessibility point of view, Puzzle Island and the Magic Manor are the two most accessible attractions in the theme park. The maze is not wheelchair accessible due to the narrow passage ways and the tight turning circles required to negotiate the maze. The mini golf course has steps and obstacles throughout the course.

With Puzzle Island most of the areas are accessible. The Gravity Room has a steep floor and narrow walkways. The Shrinking Room also has a step floor to create the illusion required. 

The rotating room and the mirror maze can be negotiated by wheelchair users.

In the games room most of the activities can be undertaken by people of all abilities. The sudden drop Lookout slide is only accessible by a high set of steps.

Magic Manor is entered through a waterfall. The path is wide, flat and easy to navigate. Along the path to the manor there are several activities. These activities are suitable to people of all abilities. Once inside the manor the area is large and again all activities are accessible to people of all abilities. The time machine is large enough to cater for all types of mobility device. The arcade is wide with all shop fronts and activities suitable to people of all abilities.

The Magic Manor can be exited via the new Carousel. The Carousel has a ramped entry and a designated wheelchair position next to the operator. The ride does involve strobe lighting and rotation. The exit takes you outside and back to the cafe building.

The cafe contains a gift shop with a puzzle and magic theme. The shop is well laid out with good circulation space and shop items on easy to reach shelving. The cafe is on two levels with the lower level and serving area all accessible to wheelchair users. The cafe also contains an accessible toilet facility.