Phillip Island RSL

The Phillip Island RSL is located in Thompson Avenue Cowes.

Accessible parking is available at the front and side of the building. Access to the club is through double width self-opening doors. Entry from the car park into the building is level.

The main dining space is the Lone Pine Bistro located to the left of the entry foyer. The room has a spacious layout suitable for all form of mobility devices and parents with prams. The furniture can be easily moved to cater for wheelchair users. The room is well lit. The bar and bistro service counter heights are low with generous space in front of them.

The Club also boasts a sports bar, the Kittyhawk Room. The room has ample maneuvering room and a mixture of high and low top tables.

The club has a large gaming room that is again well laid out with ample room for users of all forms of mobility devices.

There are two accessible toilets in the club, one located between the Kittyhawk room and the gaming room and the other behind the Lone Pine Bistro. Both have side and rear handrails and offset flush buttons.

The club offers patrons the use of wheelchairs and mobility frames for the duration of their stay. They are located behind the reception desk in the main foyer.

Phillip Island Helicopters

Phillip Island Helicopters offers joy flights over the island. The helicopters can accommodated people with a disability. There is no lifting devices available. Guests are manually lifted into the helicopter when required.

There is no accessible toilet available at the airfield with the nearest being the Vietnam Veterans Museum. The airfield does have an accessible picnic table next to the helipad.

Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit

The Phillip Island Grand Prix circuit is located on Back Beach Road. It is the home of the Australian MotoGP.

Visitors Centre

The visitor’s centre can be reached by following the road from Gate 1. Two designated disabled parking bays are located next to the building entry on the left hand side.

Entry to the visitor’s centre is through self opening sliding doors. At the end of the entry passage is an accessible toilet on the left hand side with a side handrail. The hand basin has knee

clearance and is operated by a lever mixer tap. The room contains a baby change table.

Inside the vistor’s centre is a cafe, merchandising shop, the history of motorsport museum, simulated race game and the slot car circuit. The lower level of the cafe is accessible, however, the main level and servery is up a flight of stairs. The cafe offers table service. Access to the upper level can be gained via the garden if required.

The museum is well laid out and easy to navigate for those using mobility aids. The displays are visual with photographic displays depicting the history of the circuit.

The simulated race game is built on a low platform. The racing pods can be moved to facilitate transfers by people with a disability. The centre caters for those on the autism spectrum with quiet periods where the sounds of racing are turned down.

From the back of the visitor’s centre there is a path through the water garden that leads to the track viewing area. A wooden ramp leads from the building to a gravel path. The path from the building to the top of the hill is quite steep and would be difficult to navigate by slow walkers or those using manual mobility devices.

Go Karts

Access to the go kart track is from the front of the building. It is a gently sloping fine packed gravel path. A gravel ramp leads down to the building. An accessible toilet facility is located halfway down the access path.

Within the main building the doors are 750mm wide. There are two seat go karts available to cater for people with a disability. At this stage there are no go karts with hand controls.

Track Events

For track events the circuit provides a number of options for patron with a disability. There is a designated viewing area, (platform for major events) opposite the garages in pit lane. There is an accessible toilet facility provided adjacent to the viewing area.

There is a second viewing area on top of the pit garages with sections for people with a disability with glass observation windows. The roof gives a view of the entire circuit and paddock. The paddock is serviced with a cafe and an accessible toilet located at the side of the cafe. The roof observation area is serviced with an elevator at the southern end of the building. The garage building serves and a corporate event venue. The main corporate area is on the first floor which is serviced by the same elevator. The space is large and linked with an external wide veranda. There are no accessible toilets within the corporate space.

Phillip Island Chocolate Factory

The Phillip Island Chocolate Factory is located on Phillip Island Road Newhaven.

There 4 four designated disabled parking spaces. Entry to the factory is level and wide through self opening doors. An accessible toilet is located immediately to the left of the entry. It has side and rear hand rails and ample transfer space beside the toilet. The had basin has a single lever mixer control.

The ticket booth is to the right of the entry where factory tour packages can be purchased.

The factory tour is flat throughout on a hard surfaced floor. All displays are easily visible by people of all heights including children and wheelchair users. The activation buttons for the displays are large and easily operated by people with limited hand or control. The passage ways are all wide and the displays rooms are large making navigation easy even during busy periods.

The cafe is open with moveable furniture making it suitable for people of all abilities.

The gift shop is spacious with the merchandise easy reachable by people of all heights.

North Pier Hotel

North Pier Hotel

The North Pier Hotel is situated on the Esplanade in Cowes overlooking Western Port Bay. The hotel offers both accommodation and dining.

Access is via a ramp leading off the Esplanade that leads onto the outside deck.


Dining is available in three sections: The outside deck area, sports bar and a family bistro. Seating on the deck allows for wheelchair users with open-ended tables. The bistro is situated along the front of the building inside large sliding doors and full length windows. The bistro is well laid out providing ample room to get to the serving counter or to seating. The tables are all a low type design with movable furniture.

The sports bar is on the left side of the building adjacent to the main bar. Seating within the sports bar is all high top tables making it less suitable for wheelchair users or the elderly.

An accessible toilet is located at the far end of the bistro. It is a large room with side handrails for the toilet, a hand basin with knee clearance under it, lever action taps and a baby change facility.


The North Pier Hotel has one accessible room. It is a large multi-purpose room with a queen bed and two sets of bunks. It is on the ground floor with views over Westernport Bay. The bathroom is a full wet room. The shower has a sliding and detachable shower head, a fold-down seat and handrails. The toilet has a side handrail. The room also has a large wheelchair accessible work space/desk. The entry door to the room is 810mm.

National Vietnam Veterans Museum

National Vietnam Veterans Museum

The National Vietnam Veterans Museum is an independent Australian museum dedicated to the heritage and legacy of Vietnam veterans. It is located at Newhaven on Phillip Island.

A designated disabled parking space is located on the asphalt road at the side of the building, immediately adjacent to the exit sign. A concrete footpath leads to the front of the building. Entry is through a wide door with level access from the footpath.

Inside the entry is the ticket counter and cafe. An accessible toilet is located within the cafe. The toilet has handrails at the back and side. The hand basin is a bench with knee clearance under it. The taps are twin star style tap fittings.

Inside the museum the floor is painted concrete making it easy to navigate for people using all forms of mobility device. The main body of the museum, is open with plenty of room to navigate the major displays even when the museum is busy. The central section houses the major equipment displays. Signage is all below 1.2 metres making it readable by people of all heights including children and wheelchair users.

Around the outside of the main display areas are galleries. The galleries are wide and the displays rely heavily on photographic and video technology making the stories easy to interpret.

A function area is located at the rear of the museum. The floor is level and the room can be configured as required. The museum also has a mezzanine which is accessed by stairs or an elevator located on the western side of the building.

A caribou aircraft is displayed outside the museum. The pathways are a fine packed hard gravel. Access to the aircraft is by the rear ramp when the exhibit is open.


Maru Koala and Animal Park

Maru has been a standout performer in accessible tourism over a number of years holding a Hall of Fame Award for Good Access is Good Business. Disabled parking is provided. The car park is hard packed gravel. Entry to the park is down a concrete path to the main self opening entry doors. Inside the building is a gift shop, cafe, accessible toilet and park entry gate. The toilet has a self opening door and the toilet has side and rear handrails. The hand basin has a lever operated tap. The room contains a fold-down baby change table. The cafe is spacious with movable furniture. The counter has a lower display section with a glass fronted cabinet. The counter is a dark timber with a ground level colour contrast strip that is an aid to people with low vision.

Entry to the park is through a wide gateway. All paths and boardwalks through the park are gently sloping making them easy to navigate for people of all abilities. Seats are provided at regular intervals.

The farm section of the park has a paved path throughout. It is entered through a double stock control gate that has a large section between the gates to cater for large power wheelchairs or prams. The elevated sections, that give views of the koalas in their trees, have clear sections below the barrier rails giving good visibility to people of all heights.

All enclosures have viewing windows to cater for people of all heights. The animal encounters cater for people of all abilities. The theatre has two designated wheelchair positions in the front row.

A second accessible toilet is located in the enclosure section of the park. It has side and rear handrails and a lever mixer tap on the hand basin that also provides knee clearance. The picnic pavilion has ramped access and easy to move plastic chairs.

Fishermans Co-operative Education Centre

There are two designated accessible parking bays directly in front of the co-operative.

Access to the education centre is through a wide single door with level entry from the footpath. Inside there is good maneuvering room through the displays. The displays have a combination of words and pictures making them universally understandable for people who’s native language is not English or people with a cognitive disability.

Fishermans Co-Op

Fisherman’s Co-op – Phillip Island

The Fisherman’s Co-op is both a fish and chippery and a fresh seafood sales centre. It is accessed by a ramp at the southern end of the building. Seating is available inside the building and outside on the veranda overlooking the eastern entrance to Westernport Bay. The outside tables have a pole at each end with fixed side seating making them unsuitable for wheelchair users. The inside seating has movable chairs making them suitable for people of all abilities. The fresh fish displays are low and glass fronted making the contents viewable by people of all heights.

Cowes foreshore

Cowes Foreshore and Jetty

The Cowes Jetty is reach via a gently sloping ramp from the Esplanade. The easiest path is via the information building and bait sales. Just below where the two paths meet there is a zip zag path that avoids the steepest section of the main path to the jetty.

At the head of the jetty is a kiosk. It has a wide level doorway and access to an outdoor eating area overlooking the bay and the beach.

Opposite the kiosk pavilion is a new beach access ramp. The ramp is designed for wheelchair users and parents with prams. The concrete ramp leads from the jetty directly onto the hard sand. The beach is gently sloping and well protected.

The surface of the jetty is concrete making it a smooth surface to the end. Handrails are provided on the western side of the jetty. The jetty is suitable for wheelchair users and those using mobility aids. The lower landings of the jetty have stair access only.

The foreshore park contains accessible picnic tables and an accessible toilet, which is located under the observation deck.